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New Gay Porn Studio Plans To Donate 100% Of Profits To LGBT Charities

Porn to the rescue?? Adult film distributor Mike Kulich has been in the skin biz for a while, but now he's shifting his focus from profit to supporting LGBT rights!

XBiz reports:

Monarchy Distribution has announced the upcoming launch of Boys Town Studios, an all-male studio with a charitable twist — all profits will go towards supporting gay rights.

"I have always created porn for profit. This will be the first studio I launch that will give back to the LGBT community" Monarchy owner Mike Kulich said. "While the advancements of gay rights in the U.S. have changed our society for the better, the setbacks abroad (particularly in Russia) made me see that this type of project was a necessity. I want to help the people suffering all over the world and living in persecuting countries using the best way I know how: making quality porn."

The studio plans to release two films per month from genres including twinks, bears, leather and other niche fetishes.

"100 percent of the profits from all these movies, including DVD sales, video-on-demand, cable and broadcast will be donated to our newly-created non-profit" Kulich said. "Anyone will be able to write Boys Town Studios and tell their stories about how bigotry and homophobia has affected their lives, and we will step into help those victims as much as we can."

The profits from the first movie will be directed towards gay Russian refugees, to help pay for their relocation as they seek asylum in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere.


See, by buying porn, you'll be doing your part to help the gay community!  You could personally give a Russian refugee asylum!  Who said you weren't selfless?!

What do you think of Kulich's new non-profit venture??


(H/T: Queerty)


Who's the red head in the picture above?

Wish I knew

Danny Harper is his name

If I were to really say what I feel and I will, I think that we are seeing a decline in the sales of pornography because younger generations of homosexual men and women no longer have to play straight by day and suck (whatever) by night.  With the decreased need for pornography as a visual and auditory stimulant there is a natural decrease in the need for pornographic material.  The best thing that ever happened to porn was HIV/AIDS.  People were forced back into self gratification for health reasons.  Now people are more careful, and guess what, fuck it, if you do catch aids, according to the CDC which reduced it from a deadly disease to a maintenance disease like diabetes, your still gonna fucking live.

This guy is making a buck buy giving a buck.

That simple.

But, like grandma Lutz said - "Don't be unkind Stevie, better late then never".

And there I went and was unkind and now Juanita is turning in her grave - Damn you Bob

I think porn will always feed everyone's sexually curious beast. It's not dwindling down from what can be seen. That goes for gay or straight porn. 

We'll see how his new porn business goes.

Bob - Cmon - were gay - so be it - but must we think with the dick?  I like mine, we cuddle, were buddies, but I don't let him think for me.  What your saying by your statement is I don't give a fuck about where money goes if it is put against the ability to masturbate, masturbate wins.

This does not speak well for you.

its fabulous those hot tight muscular boys from the red Russia yum

It is a start..that is a lot to promise will a company what give all its profits pay the models? Models aren't cheap! Staff behind the camera, even on reality porn still need to be paid. Will be interesting to see if this is a trend others will follow. In theory this is a great thing, it would be great if it works...even a little...

I'm going to remember my Grandmotherr on this one.

"Don't be unkind Stevie, better late then never."

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