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Gay Art Student Who Promised To Lose His Virginity At Show Did This Instead [NSFW]

Clayton Pettet, a 19-year old London art student, has promoted the loss of his virginity for art since October 2013. The hotly-publicized show was initially scheduled for early January, but was moved to April 2 at the former BBC London headquarters. This time, the show went on as scheduled, but the subject matter on display left many calling Clayton a "hoax" on Twitter afterward. 

With 120 audience members packed into the performance space, instead of losing his virginity before them, each was asked to slide a banana into Clayton's mouth.

One attendee described the exhibit to Dazed:

The booth was very, very small. I crouched to get in. Pettet was sat inside, still in his pants, with two piles of bananas in front of him.

"I am your anal virgin," he said. "You are my partner. Pick up a banana." I immediately started to panic: penetrating a 19-year-old was not on my to-do list tonight, even if it's with a piece of fruit. "Now penetrate with my mouth eight times."

I gratefully slid the banana into Pettet's mouth as he stared me down. Then he took the banana out of my hand, snapped it in two and told me to leave.

Clayton later told Dazed that he never planned to actually have anal sex during the show titled Art School Stole My Virginity

"I’ve always said I didn’t believe in virginity, so it kind of defeats the point if I’d actually lost my virginity for my art show! It was always about me stealing the word ‘virginity’, rather than having it stolen from me. That’s why I pushed the date back about 75 times. Because of the press the piece got, galleries assumed I was going to trick them and do what everyone thought I was going to do. But I’m not going to give what everyone wants, it’s not the point."

While some compared Clayton's anticipated art show to Keith Haring, plenty complained on Twitter about being "hoaxed."

What do you think? Did Clayton beguile the world?

(Images: Willow Garms)

(h/t: Huffpo)


The concept was gratuitous and just plain dumb from the start. It was nothing then and is nothing now. . . Except maybe a waste of bananas.

The so-called artist isn`t the real freak here, all the freaks who went to watch are.  FREAKS!

Amen, brother!  I think I need another shower to get the creepy off.

Inside scoop: The real twist is he indeed chose one person from the audience and they did penetrate him anally. 

Bravo! Captured the essence of what art is. And engaged so many people, even everyone who commented with an opinion, here or elsewhere you all participated in his statement. Brilliant!

This why I will never get married, even though it IS legal where I live, this why I will never love ! Not because of what he did, but only because he is part of everyone's lie as I will NEVER trust any one. They say, I am missing out, maybe, but still, I will NEVER love, and there is NO ONE with the power to change it.
Also it is everyone, that is missing out of my trust and missing out on my love !


This was brilliant. Using today's thirst for vulgarity to drive attention to th arts. It was no more a trick than a photo shopped ad or a misleading article title on Facebook. People seem to have missed the point completely.

I can see Peter Griffin doing something like this.... 


I honestly thought the idea of 'losing it' live on stage was a valid artistic expression: so much attention is paid to that moment, it carries such weight for everyone in the western world. The fact that he was in a relationship with the person said to be doing the de-flowering made it seem less cheap and pornographic.

So this is a great disappointment to me: a moment that could have been intense and beautiful was something far less. I wonder if he really had this planned all along, or if he ultimately just chickened out.

It is irrelevant whether he did as he promised.  It was never art to begin with.  Losing your virginity publicly and calling it art is not art.  So it was flawed before it ever occurred.

I'd consider a hoax to be when normal-minded people are duped by the false prospect of something reasonable and credible.  If a person truly believed he was going to bear witness to someone losing his virginity as a part of a public forum, he deserved the imposition and waste of his time.  Seriously!

Just a bunch of pervs upset they didn't get to see real porn. 

"I’ve always said I didn’t believe in virginity, so it kind of defeats the point if I’d actually lost my virginity for my art show!"

Translation: No one wanted to f*** me, so I've come up with a pretentious explanation for my overall pretentiousness as a person.

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