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Chicago Teacher Denies Allegations That He's A Racist, Gay Porn Actor

Conservative gay blogger, Kevin DuJan (right, who previously accused the President of being gay), is targeting a Chicago school teacher who he claims starred in gay pornographic films and told racist jokes about his students. 

The accused teacher, 34-year-old Bradley Balof (left), is being investigated by Chicago Public Schools. He denies the allegations and is considering legal action against DuJan for the May 28 HillBuzz blog that read: 

"Public School Shocker: Gay Porn Actor and Male Stripper Employed As Teacher at Joseph Stockton Elementary School in Chicago!"

DuJan went on to write that Balof "depicts his black students as ignorant 'Shaniquas', 'Loquishas' and other ebonics-inspired characters who are in his opinion unable to learn, difficult to teach, and almost entirely coming from broken homes with missing fathers and stereotypical black 'welfare queen' mothers."

According to DNAinfo Chicago:

CPS said it was investigating the teacher — who denied DuJan's accusations and was contemplating legal action.

"The allegations made about me in Kevin DuJan's blog, are false," Balof told DNAinfo Chicago Monday. "I am presently seeking legal options against Mr. DuJan."

The Daily Dot's Nico Lang first reported the HillBuzz accusations and subsequent CPS investigation Monday, and called DuJan's pornography claims "shaky at best."

Balof is an openly gay man who moonlights as a standup comic and MC at Boystown's Sidetrack bar and has acted in independent films. He also has acting credits in Bowser Makes a Movie, and Into It, two indie movies that have gay characters and sexual content but are not considered to be porn productions.


Looks like Balof may have a case. We hope DuJan is prepared to pay up!


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I hope this guys sues kevin Dujan for everything he has - Dujan is a horrible human being and always disparage the GLBT community even though he  is gay.  I hope he gets his Karma soon.


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