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Marine Opens Up On His Support For Marriage Equality

Former Marine sergeant Roger Dean Huffstetler certainly hooked us right off the top in his Washington Post piece, writing:

I slept with a gay man for six months in Afghanistan.

No one asked. He did not tell.


In actuality, far from being salacious the piece explores Huffstetler's evolution on marriage equality both as a Marine and a Christian. 

It's a really good read and drives home Huffstetler's main argument:

We don’t need to look backward for a chance to stand up for principles. Life isn’t about always being right — I was wrong for a long time — but about learning from mistakes and making amends...There is still time to be on the right side of history.

Give Huffstetler's full op-ed piece a read, here! 



thank you guys for all your comments, i wish i can experience true love very very all the guys here that they found already their true love, im very happy for you guys...keep strong with your relationship and godbless


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Really sad to read those articles that people needs true love... Needs care and so on... Hope you guys get somebody that deserves your love and care

So, I guess we all hope for the best and for someday that significant other to come into our lives. Meanwhile, the rule is to live happy and be happy... Enjoy the view and be patient. I live in Monterrey, Mexico and the view of the mountains here amazing....takes my breathe away every morning as i look out my window. 

I just had the person I consider my first love. Someone I used to think will be my last. But, as we grow older, things changed. There is this hollow space that even love can't fill. He decided to have the normal life while I, decided to take a different path. Now, I try to live each day hoping that someday, that certain someone will come and will never leave. For now, its a me time. Time to make the best out of myself.

Jerome, I do have that someone, and have had him for almost 50 years.  Our "secret" is that in our case, there is no "secret".  We did not make this happen.  It just happened, and it still is, till death do us part.

I've been w/ 3 different men n still haven't found the right person though I'm bi!! I'm also tryin 2 find my true love though in this world true love is hard 2 find!!

Hey Jerome give Me your digiits :)))
Love is a many splendoured thing
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All you need is love :)

Jerome, I didn't meet my husband until I was 33! We've been together for 28 years. There is always hope!

There is NO hope!! I bet you and your partner of 28 years have had an open relationship since the first month you were together, luring men to your home from grindr and manhunt for sex.

You can think what you want. You can't "lure" the willing if that is what they choose as a relationship. As for whether they do is their decision. Yes you will probably attack me for this comment but I care not what you think. I personally have been with my Husband for 15 years and married legally for 7 years. Life is to be enjoyed by those involved. There is always hope, just apparently not for you. 

Jerome patience is a virtue and the love of your life will come to you someday, just enjoy the present until that day. Then live it and love it. Give me your digits, :)

In my 27 yrs of life, i never experience a serious tired of being a single already...i want a true love that will last forever

I wish to have someone that will care and love me so much...

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