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Birthday Boy Turns The Tables w/ Surprise Marriage Proposal


Happy tears on a Sunday!! 

British lad Jason Rodger may have been the birthday boy, but it was his boyfriend of four years, Daniel that was in for a big surprise!

While throwing Jason a birthday party, Daniel received a gift of his own: a ridiculously sweet marriage proposal! Watch!

Congrats, lads!!


(H/T: NNNext)


Well done guys. So happy for you both, just great news. x

So freaking sweet! Love them!

Mudge, you should just go away.  

I won't cry.... I won't cry... I won't... I... snif......

Between the accent, the bad sound, and the screamers, I have no idea what the guy said. Clearly the other one said yes or there would be no point in posting the video.

Well Mudge, aren't you a Debbie downer.

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