This Is How Marriage Equality Affects Middle-Aged Straight Men

A Letter-to-the-Editor of the Des Moines Register pretty much sums up the brunt of the impact of marriage equality (which is coming up on its fifth anniversary in Iowa) on middle-aged straight men. 

It's been five years of same-sex marriage in Iowa. As a never-married male over the age of 40, everyone thought I was gay. Now I'm just a loser. What a relief!

— Jim Zeller, Des Moines

Unless unmarried 40-year old men being called "loser" instead of "gay" is in some obscure Book of Revelation passage, it seems like allowing gays to marry hasn't brought about the end of the world in Iowa.

Congrats on five years, Iowa!



What do you call a gay man tying the knot with a lesbian? Answer: gay marriage

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