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Best April Fools' Day Prank: Waitress Gets Best Tip Ever!

​There's something in our eye, guys.

This may be the most uplifting April Fools' Day prank that we've seen! 

From Sharedots:

Meet Chelsea Roff. A average waitress who raised her sister alone from a very young age, suffered from a eating disorder (weighing only 58 pounds at one point of time) and runs a non profit yoga clinic to help people suffering from the from the former. Her friends and colleagues step in to trap her in this amazing April fools prank.

Check it out! 

Is someone cutting onions in here??! Seriously, someone fix this!!


(H/T: Sharedots)


April fools having no history about any confirmed ideas. I have researched a lot about that. Help me to do my homework for me and helps other in exams. 

So touching.. really love this prank.. more good deed pranks..

Great prank - what an awesome idea.

Brilliant. I loved this prank.

Completely awesome!!  I loved it!

This is awesome. Hands down the best prank EVER!

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