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Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd??


Would you have sex with Paul Rudd?? Billy On The Street finds out! (Also, is water wet?)



I Would Love To Have Sex With Paul Rudd Since He Is Cute And Sexy.

Is there a sign up sheet somewhere or? How do we do this?


Absolutely, I've loved him since seeing him in the movie Clueless. He is just a handsome guy, no pretense,

Yes...daily if I could! 

Hell, yes! I would have more than just sex with him.

Nah,  too hairy.

Oh my goodness I would be his slave for ever and a day he makes my blood boil to where my ears go deaf.  I love that man to deaf and would love him all night and forever.

Oh yeah, ride him cowboy!


The real question is, Would Paul Rudd have sex with me?--Guessing---not

Need you ask....HELL YES ..YES OH MY YES .... #1 CRUSH...

of course since The Object of my affection I wanted that...!!!

Hell yeah

Without a doubt!!! He's beautiful!

YES  he is funny sexy cute. and just the right amout of fuzzz i wud sex him all day long

Ah.. YES Absolutely! 

Hell YEAH!!!

beeen there.  done that.  would totally hit it again!

I would have given that one guy the 2 dollars.  And with the other 3 dollars I would have bought a bag of pop corn and watch them go at it!

Omg yes. I want to give him a bath in the kitchen sink like a baby

He has been a crush since clueless!!

Absolutely....have had a major crush on him since "Clueless" and "Opposites Attract"

paul is cute and great. 'billy on the st,' was a dominating over-the-top pain, and mostly ruined it.

I would in a heartbeat... i have had a crush on him for 19 years, since i saw him in Clueless!! He's cute as hell and i would F#@K HIM FOR FREE!!

He's a babe.   I have always liked him, funny guy as well as being attractive.

Totally Totes McGotes!

when i saw this article and pauls picture I pulled out the lube, cause he is freakin sexy and my no1 celeb crush. After watching the video, though, I put the lube away. Whoever that guy was with the mic was annoying. He totally blocked that girl from getting a hug from Paul whom she obviously really liked. What a douchebag

I agree the video was annoying and the girl that wanted a hug got totally blocked.  What an asshole.  

Any day of the week! He is HOT!!

In a heartbeat....

For free :) No need to ask :D

Like you have to ask?!?!?!?

I am having sex with Paul Rudd right now. (Sadly he is not here with me).


I would gladly pay a dollar for Paul Rudd

HELL YES!!  Can I bring knee pads??

Yes for sure absolutely

4 sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hell yeah I would, let me know when?!

till he couldn't walk and then over and over and over and over again! Come to daddy...

Paul Rudd all night long!! :-)

How is this even a question.  Yes please!!!!!

Yup. sure would...

Over and over and over again

for free yeeees

In a second - but would want to make it last for hours !!!!!!!!!  He is HOT

I've had a crush on him since "Clueless"

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