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Popular Notre Dame Athlete Matt Dooley Comes Out As Gay In Heartwarming Video

Notre Dame tennis star Matt Dooley came out as gay late last month to the support of his teammates, coaches and even Catholic college, which has produced and released this beautiful video detailing his journey. 

Congratulations, Matt!



Great story. Good luck Matt. You are lucky to have such great friends and family. Twenty years ago this would never have happened, and you would probably have been crucified for coming out. Bravo to your coach and team mates. You are a brave soul, as is your friends and team mates for their maturity, understanding and respect. One's own sexuality is a difficult thing to understand if it's not the norm. Your team mates obviously realize that, and value your friendship enough to accept you on any terms. It is obvious on this tape, that your fellow team mates care about you, no matter what your sexuality is. Your decision may just help the next college sportsman to also come out of the closet. 

Great Story.. Wish I had an inspiration like him when I was in my twenties..

  All the best Matt..

Good god he's sexy


Every time someone comes out and every time someone shares their story, it gives hope to other young people who are still struggling.  I applaud Matt!  It's not easy to come out - I'm a PFLAG parent and I know that most young people are scared to tell their family and friends.  By coming out, Matt is being true to himself and honest with everyone he knows.  I wish him a wonderful life!

very happy and proud of what he have done for his self...accepting one self is one self freedom'' good luck and always stay happy and proud''

congrat... Proud of you, your teammates & ND

We have to learn that being different is just being unique. How we achieve, learn, perform, behave is what really matters. I'm surprised that Notre Dame, a MAJOR Catholic University didn't intervene somehow....surprised and pleased.

As for classmates, teammates, best friends, coaches, I take heart in the future of our society that it will someday immitate the good support and friendship he's experienced there.

It's a good story.. I'm happy for the young man. 

While I dont think this is really that interesting because its another coming out story, I guess in view of the "can a team accept and support gay athletes" question, it only further cements the team can.  So now we have football and tennis (although tennis is more of an individual sport).  However, I dont think we need to go through every sport.

As I read history, I see that all causes reach their goals in ways similar to water flowing over rocks over time. Every tiny step or example helps. And we need to make known each one of these courageous efforts. I know that my own coming out has helped some other gay men in their struggles to come out and be themselves around straight people, just as out gay men helped me when it was my time to come out. 

@ Catterwaul    If these stories may help just one struggling young person then each and every story is just as important.  Im glad we continue to see these stories and I welcome them.  The process of growing up is hard enough and then add this into the equation.  It is important to hear and see these role models for all those young people who are still struggling.  Thank these athletes fro sharing and think positive.  

I'm proud of the teammates cause it's good 2 have tone n tons of support as much as possible is good 4 self confidence!!

Yaaaassss dude - somebody get that guy my number stat 

No one gives an F!! This is so stupid, make such huge news about a gay dude. If he wants to be gay let him be but to say he is a role model is way over the top. I have met multiple gay people in my life and none of them have been hyped in the media. Just because he is a dumb athlete doesn't mean he is a hero. Why don't we put real stuff that matters out there in the media. Embarrassed to se Notre Dame making a story out of this!!

They publish these articles because it helps people and saves lives.  I have a personal friend who went through these struggles.  The "role models" as we call them get their titles because coming out is no easy task and the struggles are immense.  Believe it or not people look up to those strengths and the ability to share such personal information.  While this story does not effect you  look at the bigger picture.  It is helping someone and they may reach that person who needs to see they are not alone. But please try and have compassion instead of being dismissive.  

If no one gave a "F" then why are young men (and women) still being beaten to death? Why are their suicide rates astronomically higher than straight kids? Every time a gay person who is also a "name" comes out it makes it easier for everyone else who is also gay.

I'm embarrassed to see that you're an actual human being.... just because he may not be a hero to you doesn't mean he isn't to others. It's not that he's a "dumb athlete." It's just that he has done something that not everyone can do and people can look up to him and feel better about themselves and get more confidence off of something like this. Shame on you for being such a little shi*. 

Blah blah blah. Say all you want but there is more important ship going on in this world than a gay dude coming out of the closet. I wish I could see Notre Dame taking part in what is happening in egypt, ukraine or Venezuela; before seeing them make videos about this dude who has done nothing but admit publicly that he is gay. I mean good for him but stop shoving it on peoples faces and saying that he has been a hero. An you know what shame on you you id¡iot, if you feel embarrassed that someone else has a different opinion from yours why don't you just take your butt somewhere else were everone is as stupid as you are!! You worthless @ss

Yeah!  Right on...

He's a hottie, and I want to date him.

Even though it's a college, it's still very hard to be "out"(and Public) in a Catholic institutional environment.

Many in that culture, though by no means all, are not real keen on hearing news like this. They aren't living in the real world, and believe gay=evil. So it takes bravery, and he, along with other jocks are pioneering new trails in these arenas the way some of us did when we came out in work, family, etc. 

The story mentioned he attempted suicide several times. That's pretty serious with an unacceptable outcome. So, I'm glad his mates were supportive of him and now he can live.

As a recovering Catholic and someone highly skeptical of diversity at Notre Dame, this video was a welcomed surprise. The uber charged emotion around the "Fighting Irish" has always included a bit of institutional homophobia - fair or unfair.   The fact that Matt felt comfortable coming out to his coaches and peers while the ND Athletic Dept. promotes this video is truly remarkable.  If Notre Dame is a safe place for gay students and athletes, there is hope for the world.  Hell, this and some rational comments from the new Pope just might get me back in those pews before I die!  With a great sense of humility and gratitude, I'm proud to declare...." Go IRISH!"

Matt, as a teacher, I know this means a lot to certain individuals. To have a cool, popular,athletic guy say he is gay, speaks volumes on a high school campus. My hubby was super athletic. At his 25th high school, reunion the guys that were gay and the jocks reunited and have become the best of friends. They realized as men they have the same issues. Trying to save their hair and not get a gut.


Coming out is like being reborn. It is accepting that one is gay, and it comes as one is tired of living a double life, one as being gay, and one as trying to fit in as straight. When you finally accept that you are gay, it becomes a great release in emotion as to who you are. Life around you becomes more about you instead of life around them. My coming out was awesome and will always be remembered..

Coming out is like being reborn. It is accepting that one is gay, and it comes as one is tired of living a double life, one as being gay, and one as trying to fit in as straight. When you finally accept that you are gay, it becomes a great release in emotion as to who you are. Life around you becomes more about you instead of life around them. My coming out was awesome and will always be remembered..

TO the Haters.... If you have nothing nice to say.... SHUT THE F UP!!!

Kenneth--you are obnoxious. He's college-aged at a huge Catholic school and an athlete that hasn't had a lot of role models in the coming out process. Being college-aged, he hasn't had a 'whole life' of being in the closet. Kudos for him doing so in his late teens, early 20's. 

I find the previous comments sickening! when will so many gay men stop being rude bitches & start treating each other w/ more respect! we have all at sometime in our journey through life as gay men had to go through something like this.  If we want to be accepted by everyone  we need to accept each other first but unfortunately w/ bitchy attitudes like most of the comments show, these men are holding themselves & the rest of us back! 

Mr. Kenneth how stupid you are! Do you have a brain!? Before you comment think first not all people like you asshole! 

Coming out shouldn't be a big deal in sports, but it is...

Sry but I'm sick of closeted people

being praised for coming out because they play sports praise the people that paved the way for them THAT WERE NEVER IN!!!!!!! Gets on my nerves! Coming out shouldn't be some be celebration for people that have been in hiding there whole lives more power to him but this shouldn't be top news "end rant"

Our society absolutely needs any 'younger' generation people to come out.  I've become almost numb of hearing/reading of kids and young adults offing themselves because they feel alone and/or are tormented for being who they are or who they are perceived to be.  Sports.  Entertainment.  Politics.  Religious.  Whatever the environment may be.  The kids and young adults are in need of reading stories like this so they won't feel alone.

Kenneth, you are sadly the typical bitchy gay man who gives us all a bad name and promotes bad stereotypes. You are likely obviously gay and had no choice but to be out your entire life. For those that wanted to pursue sports, etc. in life, not so easy. I applaud him. We need more guys like him to come out. BTW, coming out is a deeply personal experience and choice. No one owes it to anyone else to be an out and proud role model unless they choose to do so. Grow up!

For some, it gives coarage to people who look up to them! Just because you have a snooty upbringing (by the look of your thoughtless rant), some people have it really hard. Think before you do the typing chode!

Like you couldn't t tell anyway.  I agree. 

That poor lad needs chapstick.

And he is my next future ex boyfriend

And we are getting married next summer!

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