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Brooklyn Art Gallery To Showcase Unknowing Men's Penis Pics

Think your penis is a work of art? It may actually be--and you may not even realize it. 

A group of female artists known as Future Femme are unveiling their gallery exhibition, "Show Me More: A Collection of DickPix" on August 23 in Brooklyn. 

Over 300 penis pics, the majority of which are being used without consent and without the knowledge of their "owners," will be presented in the exhibition.

And yes, Grindr users, they've got yours too.

Vice reports:

Four artists interested in feminism, the internet, sex, porn, and power have decided that the dick pics they've gathered are important enough to share with the public. Over 300 men who have engaged in a little harmless online exhibitionism sending this summer may be surprised to learn that their members will mounted, framed, and put on display on August 23 at a Brooklyn gallery space by an artist collective known as Future Femme. The group is hoping to turn the tables on this mind-boggling male habit. 


Most of the women have gone the straightforward route in collecting dick pics, using versions of their real OKCupid profiles and brief conversations—sometimes just going right for the jugular and straight-up asking for a dick pic, avoiding flirtation and conversation at all costs. One of the artists, however, went a step further by posing as a gay man on Grindr and wound up with 150  photos, which didn’t surprise any of the sex scientists or researchers I spoke to.


“I’m not showing any faces, I’ve made a point in my head not to,” said Tansy when I asked her if she had grappled with the ethics of the project. “No one is going to know anything about any of these people. I would imagine if anyone who has sent me a dick shows up… that would be interesting.”


What do you think of the upcoming exhibit, Instincters? Is it artistic? Hilarious? Exploitative?

Will you be making a last minute trip to Brooklyn?? (Purely out of appreciation for the arts, of course.)

"Show Me More: A Collection of DickPix" opens August 23 at 8 p.m. as part of the event Explicit at Morgan Avenue Underground Studios, 55 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY. There will also be gallery hours on Saturday, August 24, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.  


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I have a major problem with impersonating a gay guy and then posting their pics in a gallery. I doubt these women would accept "but your face isn't in the pics" if the tables were turned.

Big difference between putting a pic on your profile and pretending to be a gay guy to get the pics. I doubt these women would accept "but your face isn't in the pics" if it were their vaginas being broadcast. 

I kind of agree and disagree, I think that if you knowingly put a picture of your junk out there the assumption is that it may become public at some point therefore do put those kind of pictures on the internet. However, what these woman are doing is purposely exploiting male private parts to prove the feministic point that men deserve the same exploitation as woman. What baffles me is there are still extremists in one philosophy or another that goes out of their way to prove a point at the expense of innocent people. Most men that I know and including myself do not believe that it is ok to objectify or subject woman to exploitation so, why would it be ok for the reverse? 

I see dick pics on tumblr every day. Tons of them. Do you think each person who took those pics uploaded the pic themselves? Or do you think someone thought it was a hot pic and uploaded it or reblogged it to their tumblr? Obviously the majority is the latter. Regardless of whether or not it's wrong, it's being done every moment of every day. So I'm pretty sure you're an idiot if you send someone your dick pic and expect it to stay private. So tell me this. If tumblr has millions of dick pics floating through it every moment of every day and millions of people are seeing those pictures without the permission of the person in the picture, what do you think is worse? A gallery of 300 pics that only a couple of thousand people will see in New York? Why isn't everyone crying about tumblr? Who cares about the gallery... If these guys who took these pictures of their dicks were so sure they would stay hidden why don't they include their face in the pics? Because they know that these pics end up all over the internet (and now a gallery in New York that barely anyone will end up seeing...). Get off your "exploitation pedestal" and come back down to earth where reality exists...

Absolutely brilliant, couldn't have said it better...not only do I not show my face, I don't even use my real name!!!  It just shows how stupid people really are!

honeslty have they said anything to these men about using their pictures in this exhibit? im fairly certain it is against the law to do so without the consent of the parties involved

Since the women have not met any of the models for this do they know if the guys were being honest with them. I'm sure that in this collection, there is one underage person....and that is against the law. They really need model release forms for their protection and the gallery's protection.

I don't think this is really turning the tables.  I can't speak for all guys, but I really could care less who sees a pic of my dick.  If you walked up to me on the street and asked if you could see my dick pic, I would show you.  It's just a part of the human body.  I think the ladies are making much more of this than any guy would.

I'd like an advance notice or your whereabouts. 

*couldn't care less.  4 Coronas and a bowl.  oops.

turn the tables? show my dick all you want. Thank you

PM me ...but I can't guarantee that I won't share it with the rest of the internet... 

I vehemently agree with Jack O. MAN on MAN objectification. Its STILL oppressive patriarchy. 

If you can't do the time [pubic display of your junk] don't do the crime [taking pix of your junk]. The fact that even GLBT don't "get why feminists have included gay men" means it needs to be done all the more.


Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, etc.) pointed out the assumption which lies behind the need for this kind of feminist exhibitionism when he was asked: “So, why do you write these strong female characters?" Whedon's response: "Because you’re still asking me that question."

Men in particular seem to be immune to the objectification of women's bodies--regardless of whether that happens with or without the woman's "permission." Many of these same individuals take particular issue with the objectification of men's bodies. Why the double-standard?...

This is clear exploitation and unethical on so many levels.  Having an exhibit of dick is fine--as long as the models are consenting participants.  It is illogical to claim that posing as a gay man in order to get free dick pix from Grindr is a feminist act.  It is not.  It is deceitful and unethical.  Look, the boys who take pix of their dick thinking it's special are just as stupid as these artists.  This is not about women's rights: it's about a bunch of greedy girls being just as exploitative as the "men" against whom they are railing.  The sad thing is that many people will still go to the show because they are self-centered, horny bastards who want to see free dick.  Ah, commercialism in the age of puritanism still rules.

Completely agree. I understand that art is made not only to entertain but to to provoke but what the ladies need to be prepared for is the onslaught of people who a) feel like they have been violated b) people who morally disagree with what they are doing. Something like this, in the name of feminism, is just going to give feminism a bad name. You should never combat oppression with oppression. + even though the photo's are technically fair game once their online, some of these photo's are not placed online with the subjects permission anyway. 

They could have gotten just as many pics and more from any number of public websites. To dupe men into giving them the pics shows there was a power dynamic at play here. And an assumption of a double standard that men wouldn't care if their penises are seen in public just by virtue of being penises. These women should also display pictures of their vaginas to complement the "works of art" and to show solidarity with their victims, I mean, subjects.

Completely ludicrous!  Would these feminists like for their labia to be exposed to the masses outside of the internet and in a renowned gallery?    Yeah they probably would as an expression of their femininity!  I am so disgusted by the intent of these women.

If it's really about "feminism" I'm confused why they would go after gay men..."The group is hoping to turn the tables on this mind-boggling male habit."  If the conversation is about male vs female power I guess I don't understand how posing as a gay guy furthers this objective...unless it's about the different power dynamic in a m/m situation?

As to the exploitation...I'm pretty sure once you send the picture to someone it is their property to do with as they see fit.  Doesn't mean it's not kinda douchey, but if they aren't identifying their targets it seems fairly harmless.  If you're that worried about your penis' image don't send it out to total strangers, especially ones "avoiding flirtation and conversation at all costs."

When I put my cock pix on the internet or send them to people--even in "private" emails--I automatically assume that they are now in public circulation. I would be an idiot to think that my dick pictures could still be considered "private." Frankly, I would also be offended if they had not been widely shared...

I think this is wrong and definitely exploitation. If the tables were turned and any part of women's bodies were being shown the public would be up in arms until the exhibit was shut down. I don't think it's right to display photos without consent at all.

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Now, I'm an exhibitionist, done porn, still occasionally do XTube vids, do erotic modeling so I obviously have no shame about my body. However, there is a VIOLATION here.

In my XTube videos where I am with someone else, my playmates are fully aware of a camera being on them, that I was going to upload them to XTube, Pornhub, or whatever tube site I pleased after editing their faces to not be shown, and write about our tryst on my blog withholding  their names, UNLESS they stated otherwise.

So there is a right and wrong way to do this, and these women did it WRONG if they took even one photo and posted it without consent. For according to how these pics were acquired,  they were most likely NOT taken with any kind of public viewing in mind. So these women clearly have some power issues that they need a couch trip to get over. 

Although, in all fairness, if I was in NYC I'd probably go see the exhibit.  

If you're sending a private picture to one end user, you should not expect to have to see it in a public forum without prior consent.  It's not like all of these were posted on some public website for every man & woman to see.  Some were, sure, and I agree that you should not be shocked to see naked photos of yourself come back around at some point if you put them out there.  But this seems a bit, illegal.  Although I doubt there's much that can be done about it unless there are certain distinguishing factors that the "model" could claim would identify him.

Honeys, if you put a picture of your Johnson out there into the ethernet, it's no longer yours.  The picture I mean, not the Johnson . . .

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