Addicted Underwear Lands Bel-Ami Stars In New Campaign [NSFW]

The already blurred line between porn stars and underwear/swimwear models has been demolished in ES Underwear's new campaign for its Addicted collection. Featuring famous faces of Bel Ami, Addicted takes Andrew Christian's Randy Blue obsession and raises it one Eastern European twink at a time. Florian Nemec, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Robin Michaux, Hoyt Kogan and Joel Birkim are the Bel Ami models tapped for Addicted's "Wet Me Up!"

“Three new collections that the company is presenting are the most daring ever, when it comes to the designs. For this reason we needed a strong and a recognizable worldwide image and this was why we contacted the wonderful team at Bel Ami to propose this collaboration. Without hesitation they responded with an emphatic 'Yes!'. Working together on this project has been an incredible experience that we will never forget," said ES Campaign Production Manager Héctor Aguilar.

Check out pics and video from the campaign below:





Mama Mia!!!

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