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Jared Leto's Sexy Shirtless Outtakes From Naked Terry Richardson Shoot Hit Internet

Say what you want about photog-du-jour Terry Richardson, but his work with his regular muse Jared Leto is always inspiring. Outtakes from the pair's recent sexy, naked shoot for the Evening Standard have hit the Internet, and they're just as good as the shots that made the cut (albeit with less "bubble butt"). 

Check out the Oscar-winning Dallas Buyers Club star in all his glory (and head here for the orginal images):

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What a complete has been, desperately striving for face time to promote his barely recognizable self.

Their was a time when I would have fucked the hell outta his lil ass, now I would not allow him to lick the jam from my shitter.

Old dried up fuck.

I think a clean cut look is better on him, but even with the hippie hair he is hot. Look at his body, his eyes. He has a beautiful face that he is covering with all that hair. He just delivered an INCREDIBLE performance in Dallas Buyers club which won him an oscar, so I don't know what world you are living in. You sound a little deranged tbh. 

Kevdobins..You are a complete idiot.Jared just won a Oscar so he is NOT a has been you dumbass.Plus i doubt he would give a loser like you the time of day.

I just be happy to smell him

Jared is always SMOKIN HOT!

I want shannon to do a shoot like this. :))

Me too!

A Horrifying Timeline of Terry Richardson Allegations, From Trash Cans to Tampon Tea:

why do you believe everything you read on the internet?? 

If only Terry Richardson wasn't a paedophilic old man. I do not support any of his work, no matter how beautiful the subjects.

peadophilic? YOU BETTER have some thing to back that up other then internet gossip you foolish person.... Its very cruel and dangerous to spread such mis informed gossip, shame on you

Naked pictures of himself in a towel eh?

NAKED is the name of the magazine and not pictures of him NAKED

No there are pics that Terry took of Jared in Mexico a few months ago in his hotel  in the shower,in a towel and out of the towel (drying off).Jared posted them on his Twitter pg a few months ago.

love it 

This guy can not take a bad pic

You guys are really slow because Jared released these pics himself  on his Twitter pg a few weeks ago.He also posted the naked pics of himself in a towel on his twitter pg months ago.

Apparently I need to start logging on to Twitter!!

Me too. How did I miss that?

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