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Beard Implants: The Latest Thing??

Vanity has no price tag--though according to this report from CNN, men are spending between $5,000 to $15,000 for beard implant surgery! 

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jamil Asaria says he's averaging one beard implant surgery per week--an increase from his previous two to three per year.

Would you go the implant route for facial hair, Instincters?


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


As with any procedure, it has risks. A guy would have to do it if it helps him psychologically. It's a relative notion of attractiveness which varies from person to person. Some guys look good with a beard and some don't. Can't imagine spending 15 grand and then "it doesn't look great". I think that excessive vanity is unhealthy and can lead to serious problems if the person doesn't put it into perspective.

That shit is permanent. U can't shave it off right?? 

I'd like to have a the full look of a beard like jakey in the pic. But I know I wouldn't want it perm. Just to try it. I'd prefer electrosis to never shave again. I can only grow thick hair on my neck, not on face 

it just looks Shaggy on me 

Oh, I thought this was about closeted gay men hiring lesbians to be their fiancées at family functions.

I'm all for it! Bearded guys are so hot!!!!!

Well, to be totally blunt, due to an old injury I have some scar tissue on my face which results in a notch in my beard that will never grow.  I'd have it filled in in a heartbeat.

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