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Primal Instinct: Alexander Skarsgard Goes Full Frontal Nude On 'True Blood'!! (NSFW)

True Blood is the gift that keeps on giving to the gays and we'll say that after last night's season finale our cup truly runneth over!

Alexander Skarsgard, portrayer of that striking Viking vampire Eric Northman and who we've lusted over forever, finally let it all hang out!!

But was it slightly bittersweet? Click the obviously NSFW link for a look at Alexander providing the full monty, but be warned--a key story point may be SPOILED! (It may be a game changer.)

HA!! We just pretended that you're watching True Blood for the PLOT!! Click away!!

UPDATED: Here's a video link. (It's on YouTube so it may get pulled soon--enjoy.)


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he hot to me i wouldn't kick him out of bed

I like the guy but as a size queen I am disappointed. lol

He's just a Grow & not a Show ;)

No you could see in slow motion he's uncut!!!!!! Damn hot!

It's not the first penis they've shown, but a first for one of the major stars. I have to say though, watching on a big, high def screen, his crotch was so shadowed that you couldn't really be sure what you were seeing. Without the lightened caps on Real Men, I wouldn't have been sure he wasn't wearing a sock.

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