United Nations Rejects Russia's Anti-Gay Law

The United Nation has joined the growing chorus from around the world calling on Russia to repeal its anti "gay propaganda" law. 

“The restrictions introduced in parts of Eastern Europe are inherently discriminatory in both intent and effect," said Claude Cahn from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights during a speech in Kiev, Ukraine. "The limitations they place on the exercise of rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly and their impact on the work of human rights defenders."

“Such laws chill public debate about sexual orientation and gender identity, in a region of the world which has never benefited from fact-based information about LGBT persons and groups,” Cahn added. “Rather than banning so-called homosexual propaganda or non-traditional sexual relationships, legislators and political leaders across the region have a duty publicly to condemn violence and discrimination against LGBT people, and publicly affirm the importance of taking a stand against homophobia,” 

Coincidentally, Ukraine, where the speech took place, is considering copying the Russian law. 




The world must realize that there are many parallels with what is happening now and what happened in Nazi Germany in 1933.

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