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Randy Blue Hunks Give Beyonce's "Blow" A New Look In Hot Video

"Blow," one of the most overtly sexual tracks of Beyonce's eponymous album, gets even more provocative with a little help from hunky Randy Blue models. 

Happy Friday!


Diego Sans and Jarec, marry me :(

The short muscular guy in the light blue shorts  with a hairy chest and a beard was to me the hotest of all.

I think, if I'm not mistaken, that it's Austin Wolf, and I must agree with you, he's HOT :)

Actually his name is Abel Place, and he's the kind of man that makes me love men.... Woof!

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I liked it. It was nice to see porn stars having a little fun that didn't involve sex. I think that the ones who didn't like it were just jealous of how limber some of the guys were.

Yeah, that's why we didn't like hit the nail on the head. Had nothing to do with the fact that this type of thing contains everything that some of us despise about gay culture. Just because you might act like these guys doesn't mean all us gays approve. Calling us "haters" is fine, but I (and others I'm sure) still think this type of video is a HUGE turnoff. You don't, fine, you watch them. Takes all sorts. It would be nice if this magazine glorified naked men, porn stars and slutty behavior a little less.

Sorry to burst your bubble guy, but no one needs your approval to act how they wish to act. The gay community is what is, whether you disprove or not. There are things that I disprove about the gay community, but I'm not on their blogs talking about how I disprove of what they do.

If Porn stars want to get practically naked and act flamboyant, that is their call, and no one else's.

Super Sexy!!!.... #Haters↑

I totally enjoyed it. The guys are totally HOT. But I would have been more turned on if the background voice would have been a male voice. Just sayin'.

This was great. Men I might not have found to be sexy definitely convinced me with their green boy.

the video was great. i want to fuck all of them. esp the one in the purple underwear #yum #iknowitssweetestinthemiddle

What a deplorable comment, yuck

You guys saying that this video is sickening need to wake up.  This whole Masculine / Femenine  thing is so 2000.  It does not matter who you are, every human being has feminine qualities, some just choose to hide theirs to feel better about themselves. 

I give credit to the guys in this video mainly because of the industry that they work in, most people already shun them for what they do, but this video shows that they are more than just porn actors; they have a humorous side to them. 

Wide awake here, Chris. Don't think I saw anybody on this thread saying anything about masculine vs. feminine. Though, if you think that every gay man is going to be attracted to flamboyant mannerisms, maybe you should wake up. Nobody said these guys can't be who they are/want...but doesn't mean we want to watch a video of them in underwear lip syncing. 

Never said anything about all persons being attracted to flamboyant guys. Apparently you haven't caught on to the general idea of what people are saying. If you don't like watching guys dance in their underwear while lip syncing to beyonce, why did you click on the link in the first place?

I'm well aware that everyone in the gay community has their own "likes", but bashing other guys for how they act is sickening.

Y'all are judge mental. 

they are serving you Beyoncé in the form of mostly naked man flesh. Your eyes didn't get cancer, they got an erection. 

Gay and manly are not opposites. You say it's hard to watch manly men be so gay? That's insulting to all gay people. 

And finally, I liked the one in purple. Sexy fine ass dancer...

My eyes didn't get an erection...I found this FAR from arousing. Turned me off big time.

I've never seen porn stars be less sexy.

Props to the model in red with those gorgeous turns and incredible extensions. I feel compelled to recognize the technique! Lol

Who was the model with the purple underwear.. the second one. And the one with the light blue ones. Cute models.

Oh stop being such a group of pissy Queens! It was ADORABLE. Keep on dancing, bois and men! :)

Adorable it was definitely not

That was very entertaining haha. It was funny! Haha! But at the same time kinda feel like vommiting because seeing so manly guys doing sooo gaaay moves. WTF?!!! LMAO! xD just think that they were just playing and just goofing around. Haha. 

I've got eye cancer watching this...dudes WTF?!? you better stick at porn...

Porn is having sex because you have a hot body and no other talent.

You'd think since they do porn.. They would have some type of rhythm.. It was okay.

This is awful. Hard to watch. 


Beyonce should sue

Totally agree - this is awful

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