Doctor & Nude Male Assistant Show How To Check Your Testicles For Cancer (NSFW)

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Oh those Brits! UK's Channel 4 is doing us a service by providing a very detailed and clinical (NSFW) video on how to check your nether regions for testicular cancer. Nothing's left to the imagination, but that just means you probably won't have any questions!

Channel 4 writes:

Testicular cancer is a young man’s disease, and yet this is the age group that has the greatest sense of invincibility from the illness. Dr Harper demonstrates the technique you can use to self-examine your balls, and as it’s best carried out in the shower, it’s a great excuse for taking a bit longer in the morning.

Check out the video! We think we're taking a little longer this morning... (NSFW)

Thanks for the info, Dr. Harper!! Any doctors in the house, Instincters?


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


I really don't understand why the topic of NSFW is even mentioned. If you're watching this video it would be only work appropriate if your in the medical field, otherwise, there is no practical reason to watch it at work. And if Victor would like another set of hands fondling him, I'm up for it... I love how sexually free most people are in countries other than America, I get so tired of sexual prudes here in the states. I blame it wholly on religion, we have so many hang-ups based on religious views and expectations. I think if we had a little less bible based regulations, we would have less sexually related issues in the country...

i felt a lump on both sides, 4 PF. 3 urinary dc. and they all say its nothing .but they like to squeeze

them. even though i tell them (doc.) it hurts they do nothing 

Same here! Mine are a little sore and the F-ing Doctor says I'm fine. WTF!?!?!?

Maybe they do nothing because they assume it's harmless. If I were you, I wouldn't take a chance though and I'd request blood work and/or an ultrasound. Here is some info about diagnosing testicular cancer:  

Good luck.

Can I have the number of the model please?, research reasons of course.

found the true love

Having had testicular cancer at 52 I can tell you that she's not really correct when she says it's a young man's disease. When I said to doctor's that it must be weird that I have it they said no, they were seeing it more and more in older men. Everyone should be checking regardless of age.

America likes us stupid and naive because then when we get disease we spend money on health care to keep the corporations and drug companies rich. ...which all trickles into the politicians hands. I agree. US AMERICANS ARE TOO UPTIGHT ABOUT SEX.

Where do I sign up to be a ball checker?!

Why do people insist Americans are upright about sex? We are sluts! 

Americans are uptight when it comes to sex. It's embarrassing. The USA is like that immature teenager laughing because someone said boob. 

Hahaha "boob" hahaha

Notice he's hung lol

It maybe clinical, but it is not something you would want to watch at work because it can be taken out of context and of course those that may get off to something like this. But yes, very informative and helpful. i would never have know to look for those symptoms. There should be more vids like this elsewhere. 

This isn't NSFW!?! This is clinical, medical advice. There is nothing sexual about checking yourself for cancer. Oh you silly yanks! ;)

You are right it is clinical/medical advice.  It STILL contains nudity and most employers (regardless of the reason) do frown upon nudity!  Thus the reason for the Not Suitable For Work warning.

There is also another video here where an entire Rugby team checks their balls!

Brilliant. And that's a brave guy. I bet this vid will help a lot of people.

I don't understand the "Oh those Brits!". This is something very normal, and very serious. They should show this on tv in every country. Too many man die of this terrible disease.

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