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Mother Charged With The Murder Of Son's Boyfriend

An Alabama woman has been released on bail after being arrested in connection with the murder of her son's boyfriend, whom she allegedly shot and killed at a truck stop. 

The shooting happened early Monday evening at Love's Truck Stop off of Exit 100 on I-20/59 in McCalla. Deputies and Woodstock Police responded to the scene around 6 p.m.

The victim, Jamie R. Johnson, 36, had been shot once and was transported to UAB Medical West in "grave condition," according to Sgt. Dale Phillips with the Tuscaloosa Metro Homicide Unit.

Johnson passed away from his injuries.

Anita T. Hill, 51, of Pickens County, has been charged with murder in the case and was booked on a $75,000 bond. She has since bonded out of jail.

Investigators have determined that Hill's son and Johnson were "involved in a long-term relationship" and had been together for about four years.

"This relationship has caused tension between the suspect who is the mother of the male witness and her son," Phillips said.

As far as motive, police continue to investigate though the possibility that Hill shot Johnson over domestic violence he may have committed against her son has been floated

Authorities believe Hill shot Johnson because he was allegedly in a "violent" relationship with her son.

"Witnesses have told us the relationship between these two individuals, the two young men, had been at times possibly physical abusive as well as mentally abusive," Phillips said.

Investigators are checking records to see if there were any charges filed against Johnson, but so far have not found any.

"We do not see this in any nature being a hate crime. We see this as a family having issues in this. All the people involved in this were either related or had been acquainted for several years," Phillips said.



Maybe it was a violent relationship because the couple likes S&M LOL! I feel sorry for Hill's Son and to the victim also to Hill for her feebleness. Haha.

At this point I am about ready to block instinct and all the comments.. I find most of the articles inflammatory and the comments are so biased and crude and heterotphobic..

The things mothers go through to protect their children

If my son was with a violent bastard id do the same. :)

You're an idiot. There isn't any proof of that. The stupid woman shot a man. She killed him. As far as I'm concerned she should be executed. 

Well...she prob shot the guy cause the guy was violent with her son, not the fact that he was gay...

Your defending the murder that shot a boy people like you should suffer n hell it doesn't matter if he was gay u bastered

I am not condoning what she did..I don't defend any types of murderers. I am just saying...

How the fuck do you commit murder and get out on only a 75k bond?????? Only in Alabama I bet all these people are blood related......

I bet we aint. Douche bag

I'll never understand how you can kill anyone in any circumstance and it not be a hate crime?

I agree with you on this one....she hated him and she killed him.

You really don't think Alabama is going to prosecute someone for killing a gay man, do you?
They'll probably give her a medal. At worst, she be charged with unlawful firing of a firearm.

HEY! I'm from southern Alabama, and I'm not a backwoods inbred idiot, though it is true that southern states have a reputation for treating lgbt people badly. 

We still don't have all the facts, and considering that the article says she knew her victim and son were together for an extended period of time isn't it possible she was saving her son from an abusive relationship and not committing  a 'hate' crime?

how sweet.  she was saving her son so she murdered a man, cause, you know, there's just no other way to deal with it.  

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