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Lady Gaga's Unretouched Photos For Verace Campaign Hit Internet

Guess what? Lady Gaga's human, it turns out. 

Un-retouched photos from the recent Versace Campaign starring Gaga (who is a big proponent of no-makeup and un-retouched images on social media, at least) have been released. Considering the angelic-superhuman look Versace's team of Photoshop wizards went for in the actual campaign, the un-retouched images are humbling but not half bad. Gaga still looks pretty good in most of them!

Check more of the un-retouched images from the campaign here


She is barely outselling Miley now. In fact, Miley is currently higher than her on the charts. The struggle that she is now competing with her for VEVO views. The downward spiral.......


She looks AWFUL!! Her eyes are so dark and sunken, like a corpse. She is clearly burning the candle at both ends. Old hag.

Hahaha no shit!

I'd like to see the finished version, just so we can see exactly what they do touch up...

Beautiful :)

gorgeous woman! so very talented. I adoe this lady. I go gaga for gaga!

looks great, love the clothes 

I am a die hard gaga fan and I think she looks fabulous and the dresses are killer on her. The bruises make her look real and not like a doll all of her dance moves of course she has them on her knees shes ridiculous on stage. 

shocked. like a chrystal-victim. UGLY

Obviously you don't feel good about yourself either

She looks FIERCE in these ads!

She looks great, would not need photoshop at all if she had some makeup on. But when you know the pic is going to be photoshopped, why bother. To bad they don't go for a natural unshoped photo!

Such a sexy woman.[



hummm....after as well...! 

I think she looks fabulous! Are you by chance looking ina mirror?

It says they are unretouched idiot

I think they mean in general...not just with this article.

It's Versace :-)

Verace??? Umm spellcheck!

To be honest she looks a little sick, her make-up is too pale, either way I love you momma monster

You dumb fuck. She Is not wearing make up. Dur!

She isn't wearing any.

Come on, she looks like a heroin addict.

and what would you know about an heroin addict? 

news flash, that's what all women look like without makeup. So just shut up.



Not ALL women look like that without makeup. There are a few exceptions. ;)

Truth! Amen Sister friend.

This is what a human female looks like, fashion industry.

 up! It's just there! Love You Lady GaGa!! :) <3

It didn't even post my whole comment!

it is so refreshing to see natural skin in the photos - Lady Gaga is beautiful in her own right and kudos for her doing the whole shoot without the make-up as well - 

fucking perfect! i love her so much <3 <3 XX

Verace! Hahaha! Voracious...

Why is she so bruised?

Dancing could be a huge part of that, it causes a lot of bruising. I personally always have bruised knees and I don't know how, so it seems pretty natural to me haha.

Performing is a physically demanding job.

She looks the same. Just a bit tired

She looks better, she is naturally pretty, The eyebrows are way too light ,she needs to pencil those in...maybe shes natural blonde or redhead, thats all she needs!

Her hair is naturally darker.

She's heavenly.

gorgeous bitch <3 <3 <3 <3

I want to buy one of this. please.


She's gorgeous! Love her with or without make-up! Great pics! 

The reason they've don't the pale make up and no lipstick is because they're going to retouch them. She actually looks perfectly fine without the photoshop!

she looks kindof homely without the glam, maybe she needs a different wig.....but she definitely needs LIPSTICK

Nasty, i see why she wears masks.

Omg right

and I see an internet bully

She looks even more beautiful <3 So glad she is doing this <3 

She looks like Donatella in these pictures.

That was my first thought, too! But much prettier. 

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