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Watch: You've Been Taking Your T-Shirt Off Wrong

Someone please pass this glorious life hack on to Idris Elba, Zac Efron and Aaron Taylor-Johnson so they can speed up the de-shirting process. 

Check out popular YouTuber Crazy Russian Hacker's tip for the most efficient way to remove your t-shirt. Nifty, huh?!


haha. i will never do time ur wearing a loose left sleeves!!

Love this!!!! 

As a disabled person who cannot raise my arms above shoulder line, I use this technique all of the time - just never realized it could be a way to get naked so fast, now if he has any tips on drawers and britches I am all eyes - I mean ears. I have a fused lumbar that makes it difficult and time consuming. I can do the drawers and britches with socks in one swoop as it were. ;p

Rofl love how he says it so non emotional sexy, when it is heartbreakingly hot.

Keep talking with that Accent... and My pants will drop as fast as his t-shirt.

Yeah neat trick if your a straight guy that wears Baggie shirts like in the video. If your a fit dude that wears a fitted shirt though it'll stretch out the sleeve or as the other guy said it will rip. But it was a nifty trick;)

What would be really impressive if he does the same thing with his pants!

He needs to take his shirt off, and get a spray tan. that white is blinding. 

But it stretches the shirt.

Haha. I just tried it and I ripped my t shirt at the neck. 

This is epic!  So cool.

Oh my god, I been doing it wrong. (taking my t-shirt off )

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