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Cedar Point Amusement Park Cancels Straights-Only Contest After Gay Couple Asks To Enter

Ohio's famed Cedar Point theme park has announced the cancelation of a straights-only wedding contest after a gay couple asked to enter. 

From the Columbus Dispatch:

Cedar Point amusement park initially limited the contest to heterosexual couples because it said state law doesn’t allow gay couples to legally marry in Ohio. A spokesman says the park decided to cancel the event once it started to take on political undertones. 

The amusement park that sits along Lake Erie in Sandusky had planned to select 13 couples to get married there on Friday the 13th in September. 

Akron couple Scott Kenison and Eric Morrison thought the contest was their chance at their dream ceremony. "He was elated. He was beside himself so happy," Eric said of Scott after finding the contest online. The couple, now engaged, had bonded over a love of thrill rides. 

But then they read the fine print and learned that Cedar Point's wedding competition was only open to opposite-sex couples due to Ohio's discriminatory ban on marriage rights for all its citizens. 

The Sandusky Register adds:

The post had advertised wedding ceremonies and a chance for already married couples to renew their vows, so the disclaimer didn’t make sense to Morrison and Kenimond. “It doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not,” Morrison said. “You should be able to have a commitment ceremony. For God’s sakes, you’re getting married by a zombie.”

So they decided to take on the challenge, asking friends and strangers to Tweet at Cedar Point to allow gay couples to apply. Morrison made postings on two coaster blogs and reddit, and the response took off.

After some brief communication with park officials, however, it was over. Cedar Point simply decided to cancel the contest.

Cedar Point issued a statement on behalf of spokesman Bryan Edwards regarding the situation. “When the promotion logistics started to take on political undertones, as indicated by several guests who gave us feedback, it was decided that now is not the best time for this event,” Bryan said. “Cedar Point does not take any official stance on political issues.” 

Bryan stressed that the park continues to allow straight and LGBT couples alike to arrange weddings and commitment ceremonies on its grounds, however. 

But that's not enough for super fans Scott and Eric. 

 “For them, this was not a political commotion. It was simply to drum up interest for HalloWeekends and they had a stance where they chose not to choose a stance,” Eric said. “I’m disappointed they would choose to go that way rather than stand behind their LGBT community. Ultimately, they’re playing it safe. But it’s a cowardly choice.”



Well, if you actually think about it... It is good that they canceled and did not continue the contest at all. They cannot personal change the laws...

I think its was a good decision.. In a way, it shows support for the gay community by not continuing the contest. If you cannot include everyone, then why have the contest? I think to have the contest without recognizing that it limits against a certain a group of people could then be considered discriminatory. 

And Cedar Point is cool. I worked there in 2003 :-D

gay day is an unofficial event.  it is has nothing to do with the park reaching out to the LGBT community.

I'm actually surprised being that they have a "Gay Day" every father's day I honestly thought they were more supportive of our community.

YES, it is a cowardly choice and I'm a gay man and a Cedar Point shareholder.  Not happy.

Geoffrey, Shaker Heights, OH

Don't blame Cedar Point - Blame the state of Ohio!

why not blame Cedar Point... they can take a stand... how many Gay kids go through their gates every year?

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