Big Brother Canada's Kenny Brain Is Fully Naked In Leaked Pics

We've already seen plenty of Kenny Brain as he's caroused around the Big Brother Canada house in tighty-whities pretty much since the season opened (not that we're complaining). But new images show us what little was left of the openly-gay (in public at least) model to the imagination, and they certainly put the big in Big Brother. According to OMG, the images come from Kenny's Grindr. And though they're pre-beard and cut off most of the face, the intricate tattoos certainly line up. 

Here's a teaser:

Head to OMG for the full package!


Beautiful, and I haven't seen his naked pics yet? Hip, hip, hipster!

Well, there is definitely enough there to make someone very, very happy.   Congratulations to Kenny on his genetics.

Best to pleasure here

He's delicious

Satify kenny

woof, woof woof, i want to start at his feet

Sexy as fuck!!! Damn!!! I'd like to get ahold of his cock!!!!

Holy crap.  Now that is impressive.

Damn that's a tasty looking cock. He's gotta be packing at LEAST 8 inches/20cm....

Two words:  Oh Canada. 

Whyyyyyy is it laying on the counter?

Cause its just hanging around for the good stuff!!! Lol

because it can.

He is very hot!

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