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What Happens When This Guy Asks Random 'Straight' Men On Dates?

How open-minded are "straight" guys these days? 

YouTube channel Whatever sent one intrepid male to find out by asking presumably straight men on dates during a recent outing in Los Angeles.

How did these men respond to this brave field officer's bold overtures?? Watch and find out!

Surprised by any reactions, Instincters?


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


blurry faced guy had a nice body!

wowow. that guy 2:54, can i get his number? lol

Fantastic and funny go for it Buddy. Shame about the poor little colored man ,maybe he should go home and give up the good life  !!!!!  

The guy wasn't "Colored" he's African....I mean what decade are you living, idiot?

Do the same experiment in some North Louisiana town.

Ok this is great but it was California. It would he great if the whole country was this open minded. Its getting better one day at a time.

Lol this is hilarious and that Aussie guy is gorgeous....

Heck! I'd give him my number, but he would probably never call me back. Sad, but true

Gay men are so sad that they actually think they are worthy of such hott men. Is why they are perpetually single and miserable.

you must be single and miserable.  

I saw guys of all types, sizes, races, ages being asked out. Each were attractive in their own way, physically.  Maybe the problem isn't that they're too hot. Maybe it's just that you don't think you're hot enough. Self confidence is more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

Really dude? You sound like a sad bitchy little queen who can't even manage to get laid. So you come here and talk shit

Is that why you're here bitching? Are you perpetually sad and single?  Open you eyes dude.  There are plenty of hot guys that are gay AND in long term relationships. SOME ARE EVEN MARRIED!!!

Foolish, ignorant person.

What are you talking about?!? MOST of the hottest guys are gay.  Open your eyes because we women are always saying, SIGH... why do they get the hot guys?!   

Spelling and grammar are a turn on, so don't worry...

This was awesome!!  The face he mad when the fat lard on wheels called him a faggot made me laugh!  And I agree, only the old, fat ugly guys were the ones who were all offended lol. 

The tall asian guy is so hot!

Yeah I do think so too that the tall asian guy is hot, who apparently has a girl, he admits, and would willingly give out his phone number. I wanna know his name and I would ask him out too on a date. Haha ;) :)

how sad, a "man" is tolerant of all, insecurties is another way of saying closet queen, if you are secure in your own sexuality you would not be bothered by straights or gays. I'm a heterosexual male who has many gay friends. I have fended off many gay advances simply saying, "I am not into guys dude", no animosity not mistreatment and no anti gay statements. I am actually flattered that someone thinks I am attractive, just my luck its usually another man. 

This actually surprises me. Only a few acted hostile. But most of them weren't rude or anything, they just said no, and left it be.

I think it's the kewlest video I've ever seen its great to see people to be that open 

OMG who was that hot Asian dude at 2:54, who gave his number. He's gorgeous.

I want the tall guy's number!

I don't enjoy this kind of random asking prank. But it's great to see the truth that most of those who react with bigotry, hostility, and hate, are ugly and unattractive. And most attractive and thus confident men are open, friendly, or very light hearted. If you are gay/lesbian, we all know it's flattering to hear compliments from heterosexuals. And it's those who RARELY get sexually compliments or advances tend to react in hostile ways. 

Oh, do you mean the same kind of "bigotry, hostility and hate" you're showing toward the "ugly and unattractive"?  I agree no one should respond with hate language like the guy from Africa or the dude on the scooter did, but most of the older, wider or less attractive (by GQ standards) guys reacted much as I might if approached out of the blue by a younger woman for a date.  By the time you're in your forties (like me) and have plenty of emotional and physical baggage, you just don't expect to be asked out by a total stranger of either sex.  When you're straight in a predominantly heterosexual society, and the person who hits on you is of the same sex, it throws you for even more of a loop.  So cut the guys who don't look like strippers a little slack.  This may have been the first proposition of any kind they'd had in years, and many of their awkward or amused reactions seemed more about surprise or lack of self-esteem than homophobia.  Also there's definitely a generation gap to bear in mind.  Although I never believed homosexuality was wrong or bad, I was raised in a time when it was either not mentioned at all, buried in innuendo, ridiculed or condemned.  Elton John, Paul Lynde, Jodie Foster and Lily Tomlin were among my favorite celebrities, but NONE of them were out publicly.  Even stars as flamboyant as Liberace and Charles Nelson Reilly could maintain a certain "don't ask, don't tell" sort of assumed heterosexuality.  Yeah, it was weird, but that's how it was.  So is it any wonder people my age or older aren't always completely suave or comfortable about same-sex come ons?  Most of us have made a lot of progress in a fairly short amount of time, so please forgive us our sagging skin, flabby physiques, gray hair and lingering social gaffes.

Your comment was a fine argument until being young and attractive came out to "looking like strippers." Pot, meet kettle.

Hahaha its funny that one of the straight guys said he was a little bit Curious haha i think he ask to blur his face hey May be married or taken I hooked up with some guys n i found out that they r married orbtaien so i dumped their two timing asses

No wonder straight men can't be cool with gay men. So stereotypical. You give us a bad name.

Why is it any different than straight guys asking girls for their phone numbers? If you're interested, great; if you're not, you're not.

Apparently it's not only these straight men that are insecure (justin). It's this kind of attitude that leads to constant barrage of insults and lil man thinking. Im sure your also the type to think you can "turn" a straight man. You don't see them seeking us out hoping to turn us. Here's a thought for you, get on with your life and learn how to have effective adult debates. Maybe your to busy tweezing your brow or washing your ass. Can't we all just get along? Some are to busy playing bitchy school girls! #smh 'douches'.

Actually I'm pretty sure straight men "can't be cool" with gay men because of their own insecurities, not because a gay guy might find them attractive.  Grow the fuck up.

this is really funny. i hope people, soon, will be more open like some of the guys here are :)

btw, i hated the african dude who went all preacher-like and shit. reminds me of my mom. who are you to judge other people? just saying 

I SPY ROBIN THICKE at the 2:50-2:51 mark. Walking in the background in the black outfit with sunglasses, eh??

the problem is you presume they are straight based on their appearance alone... I get mistaken for straight all the time.. there is no rule that says we have to wear pink and act like a helpless damsil in distress. I actually get hit on by more women than men and I just think its because they would not expect me to be gay or openly gay as I am.

That's Santa Bárbara, California, NOT Los Ángeles, CA... 

I want to see the girl asks the other girls lol

I live on the Mesa call me. I got pics

bonjour from Paris...

You still looking for numbers man? You can have mine... just saying!


Haha I think its funny and its all in fun, its just amazing to see others reaction..


I guess hot, confident men can pickup just about anyone

he is very cute ill date him.

That was very funny!! ILMFAO!! I wanna try that.

Obviously not seriously trying to solicit a 'yes' response.  I have one HELL of a great ratio of success with STRAIGHT men and it's all about selection. Now, might dictate to go for the ugly guy because, "surely he gettin' no play elsewhere", but that is completely the wrong approach.  See, nature done fucked that man all up, being ugly, he's already turned to religion or is exceeding defensive about his tiny peter.
Now the really good looking guy, alone? He will follow you home and do the NASTIEST things to your body...I kid you not!  The better looking, the more muscles, the finer the clothes?  That modderfucker WILL say, "Mmmm...alright." 
Here's another 'tip'. Say the most over-the-top compliments with sincerity. "Dude, man, you've got like THE most beautiful eyes and lips. I'm serious! When I look at you {dramatic pause} DAMN! Like that! So gorgeous.  Please?  I know it's not your thing, right? But listen,'ll be straight when we're done. C'mon. I would be so honored to {blip blip blip}."  IT WORKS.  TRY IT.

This is the best comment EVER. I am taking down notes and trying my luck! Thanks for the amazing tips. BTW you should write a blog on picking up guys ;)

email me if you do:

I would welcome you to write a guest post for me

The guy from west Africa is more than welcome to go back at anytime if he finds California to be such a mess.

brett... i dont understand why someone should have to declare their preference in order to accept or decline a date, what if one of the guys he asked out was in fact gay, but disinterested, would he have to come up with some other reason other than sexual preference?

I find it funny how many of those "straight" guys were so open to say "OK." lol

Why you are not try it with heels on? Or maybe more stylish ? 

psst....hey Mr. Morbidly Obese rolling around town in your mobility you're some wetdream-come-true?

LOL! right?

 I was like B!tch, please. Then had the nerve to call the dude a slur. He's lucky someone even approached him in the first place.

Very much indeed, I thought the same as you.

Paseo Nuevo.  This was done in Santa Barbara, CA.... Am pretty surprised as to the positive responses, especially the ones with the girlfriend in tow!

All the cute guys were into it. Here i come 805!

Don't you think is funny how the guy says "LA is like Sodome and Gomorrah" lol I bet west Africa is like heaven. I don't know what he is doing here then.

Correct, you're in LA. Try that in downtown Cleveland.

Hysterical.  Thanks! Have a great day. 

Hey your in Santa Barbara, CA not Los Angeles, CA!!!

Is it too hard for them - especially the host guy - to actually SAY "gay"? Most of them can't even say that they're straight..

You're in LA! You can ask anyone in LA and have a 50/50 chance of picking someone up. Whether they are straight or gay or bi, they will go out on a date!

I want to know if he went on ANY of those dates?!

Yeah. Me too?! Haha.

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