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Primal Instinct: Behind-The-Scenes Battle: David Beckham & Felipe Jimenez Strip Down! Who Comes Out On Top? (Video)

Well, good afternoon indeed! 

We've been blessed this afternoon with behind-the-scenes clips of a Joe Snyder Active Wear shoot featuring gorgeous model Felipe Jimenez AND David Beckham stripping down to his skivvies for H&M. 

Who comes out on top?? We'll let you decide. We expect a thorough analysis!

Felipe Jimenez is up first!

And here's Mr. David Beckham!

What do you think? Which stud is setting off your Primal Instinct??


Image Source (H/T: Towleroad)


the other guys vid was better but its david bekem hands down for me

Though I like more mature men, the video with Felipe was hotter.

Felipe JImenez, love me a Latino man

Filipe is hot, great face, body but I'll still take Mr. Beckham. Love a bit more mature man, and well there's the tattoos. =)

As for the product, for the price they are well made and well worth it.

As David Beckman really does nothing for me, I would not waste my $$$ on his product.

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