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Would You Give This Naked Guy Your Number? (NSFW-ish)

Would you give this naked guy your number? 

We're going to pretend we don't already know the answer to that question!

Norwegian prankster Freddy Fairhair (he does have good hair!) stripped down to his birthday suit and asked random women for their digits. (And he was evidently very interested in a few!)

Watch! (NSFW-ish) 

From the looks of this video Freddy was pretty successful! 

How would you have reacted, Instincters??

(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


As stated in SNL short film "Sexual Harassment":
1) Be Handsome
2) Be Attractive
3) Don't be Unattractive

If he had done this here in the USA he'd been arrested and charged with indecent exposure as well as a dozen other offenses, he'd be required to report on the Sex Offender Registry for atleast 10 years and this is on top of all of the fines and court costs to prosecute him. America loves nudity... as long as you keep it in your home... We have such a prudish mentality.

He would definitely get my number.. But he was only asking women..

I wonder how the reactions would be if the guy was black or Latino.

Hell yes, that guy's funny as hell! And pretty cute..

what a nice one fuck me

Give him my number and cop a feel

Gross.  They can have him.

It must be awful to live in a place where they don't have dicks!

IF he asked me,and IF he were sincere about it...then YES, I would. I think, however, that this was just some sort of publicity gimmick. [I love that he announces when he starts sporting a boner. LOL]

"Pleased to meet you.  Oh I see you're pleased to meet me too!"

he can have my number and I'd give him mine!!

He can have my number


daaayum he is just delish...public nudity should be a far more common occurrence (esp when perky-cheeked young dudes are involved)

yummy-----so where does he keep the numbers with no pockets

Why do they block out his cock and leave everything else?  Obviously this is Scandanavia as this guy would be beaten within an inch of his life and arrested in a split second in the U.S. sadly.

Norway actually, so yes in Scandinavia ;o)

fuck me

I like his hair.  So cute.

Love his sweet ass! I seriously need to make a nightly deposit up inside it! If he'd get a buzz cut he'd be perfect!

Depends on the size of the kok
You all know u r were thinking it is just had the stones to say it

Most of us aren't nasty size queens. The type with a gaping hole hanging down to the knee caps! You may like an arm crammed up your butthole but we prefer normal sized pleasure sticks!  Filthy queenella!

Nick, I love you, you just made me choke on my cocktail but you are absolutely right! HAHA

hell ya l would give him my number 

No!! I wouldn't give him my number.

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