Welsh Rugby Player Tim Oakes Goes Nude--And His Team Goes Wild! (NSFW)

Welsh rugby player Tim Oakes leaves nothing to the imagination in this leaked fully nude pic! (Head here for the NSFW image.)

Oakes' rugby team was showcased in this crazy Rugby Players Gone Wild-style documentary out of the UK, so this latest pic doesn't come as a complete surprise, but that doesn't mean it's any less appreciated! 

Check out the NSFW vid (we're not sure how it's even managed to stay on YouTube this long!), which shows the rugby lads letting go of almost all of their man-on-man action inhibitions:

Boys will be boys!

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Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!

fucking hot...

I am happy that the guys are comfortable in their skin to do what they did..

Fucking gorgeous picture

U can tell these aren't American. 

Straight men here are to insecure with their sexuality and are taught not to be over friendly with their bro's. It's gotten a little better over the last 5-10 years. 

But straight guys here in America would never go as far as these guys 

I don't think there is anything wrong with friends acting like that. 

Girls do it. It's just being humans. European country has just been around longer and they have moved on past this petty little shit mostly about what a boy can and can't do 

u go boys 

kiss ur BFF if u want to. Isn't anything wrong with it. Plus those girls were bitches. Don't u know women most penis' appear smaller when limp 

Another reason being around other men naked that understand the male body is much comfy 

women just want to judge it as is 

it's not like boobs a penis isn't as is. It grows. Typically the larger it is limp means the less it grows when erect 

this isn't always the case 

just stop judging them 

they were having fun 

I'm jealous of their bond and how much fun they have 

Don't get your holy knickers in a bunch lol A bit of sword play and buggery among boys there age in good fun is and has gone on for hundreds of years and is very normal :) I think it best they not get nice girls pregnant lol better they play with each other and save there mums and dads a lot of grief not to mention not having to help these boys pay child support or raise an unexpected child as well as university fees :) 

Pragmatic I know lol

No tree no shade but these are on line for such a long time, i prefer the cam4 sessions, you get some reeeeally fine close ups in the end...

Bless your heart. I guess the word "tree" does make more sense. However, the phrase is no "tea" no shade. As in spilling the TEA. Gossiping.

just paraphrasing the quote, stolen from raja's boot or toot dear..

actually T stands for truth, at least in drag slang


Awesome endowment!  Party on, bros!

As sexy as these guys are, they are also the dumbest group of jocks to come along that I have seen in a long time. These guys are exactly what you would come to expect from a typical dumb jock. I don't even know what girl in her right mind would ever want to mate with one if these idiots unless she has no standards, 

Tim Oakes tastiest big Cock To satify mmmmmm

Sexiest British guys yummy

Trust me these guys are bi. They are easy to lay they live bottoming. 

OH, WHAT JOY IN JUST BEING!  Being here in the world is about experiencing...the Divine Manifesting is having a BLAST!

I've seen this before & all of those warm, sweet rugby butts need bred! Have another drink boys & you won't feel a thing--except the warm creamy load cumming back out in the morning! Just keep your head positioned over the side of the bed in case you need to puke while I'm making love up your guts!

This is over 3 years old and mild ... if you really want to see a video of this guy, he did a show on CAM4, jo and cum shot.  It was recorded and can be found out there.

Do you have the link?? Please?



I can not believe that is still on YT, and I don't blame the last part.  That was a good dick!!!

This is how males are supposed to interact. 

yes exactly! I think laws for bars are too strict. you have to be an adult to go to a bar!

Makes for an interesting Gangbang!

Awesome!! Total lack of homophobia and having a good time! Good for them

Nice herpes dude!!!!

God bless the UK!

How alcoholics are made!


He should just be naked all the time :)

Nude and ready to play!

out of control

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