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British Hunks Get Naked To Raise Money For HIV/AIDS! [NSFW]

Gay Times' yearly naked issues always raise more than just eyebrows, but the U.K. mag's latest nude special is as guilt free as Splenda. With every purchase of the print issue and download of the digital edition, Gay Times will donate a portion to Britain's National AIDS Trust. 

“We took a decision early on that the Naked Issues should actually benefit the charities involved,” says Gay Times editor Darren Scott. “All too often, you read that these kind of shoots are ‘in support of’ or ‘to raise awareness for’ a certain charity, though no actual funds are raised.”

Of the 36 studs that strip for charity in the new "Naked Issue," Alex Reid and Christopher Maloney from The X-Factor are included. Check out a hot teaser image below and head to Gay Times' website for more. 


(Jake Quickenden and Alex Reid)


That was the February issue, though.  Instinct Magazine needs help with their online blgo content...

To start.. I hate paid links.. So GT go to hell.. Now where was I before I was so rudely interrupted by a paid link.. There are better ways to spread the message than to strip naked.. I am a nudist and seriously think they can do better. As a Sister Of Perpetual Indulgence here in Australia, we work our butt off with new ideas and put them to the test with the gay and public population. Our main objective is money for our charities. There are better ways of spending hard earned dollars than this..

Bitter much?
"I hate paid links. I'm a true nudist. No one else's ideas are as good as mine."
Bravo to these guys for what they're doing. And to you for what you do. There's room for both, I'd wager.

Not to be a Debbiie-Downer-- but is there a way to bring attention to the HIV/AIDS campaign that DOESN'T involve sexualizing it?

Don't get me wrong, I love these chaps in birthday suits, but the message is somehow blurred here...

Well these guys are hot im human aswell

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