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Lady Gaga Rush Releases Second Single After "Applause" Flops

If you're in the mood for even more new music from Lady Gaga, your wish might be Universal Music Group's command. 

Music websites are reporting that since "Applause" has apparently struggled to gain a standing O from fans on music charts around the world, Gaga's parent record label (UMG owns Interscope) is apparently ready to rush-release a second ARTPOP single ahead of schedule. The new song "Swine" will likely see the light of day in early September, according to reports. 

Noise11 reports:

In Australia, ‘Applause’ has already fallen out of the Top 10 of the iTunes chart to number 15 after just one week on sale. In the USA, ‘Applause’ is down to no. 7 and in the UK it has fallen to no. 10.

The lack of interest has become a major issue for Universal Music, Lady Gaga’s record label. Universal will rush-release a second single ‘Swine’ within two weeks to hopefully reignite some interest in Gaga.

It gets worse. Lady Gaga’s YouTube views for ‘Applause’ have been questioned after her fanbase was encouraged to hit refresh to inflate the figures. Incentives were also given to fans who were encouraged to buy multiple copies of the song to win a prize in an effort to upstage ‘Roar’, the new song by Katy Perry.

What do you think? Is "Applause" failing to resonate?


Gaga was the one that instigated all those dramatic tweets in the first place.  She knew how her crazy fans would react and threaten Perez.  Rihanna, Katy, Britney, Madonna all act with class when it comes to bloggers.  They ignore it, they don't instigate like lunatic Gaga.  I used to be a fan of Gaga but I cannot STAND her and her delusions of grandueur anymore.  She is O-V-E-R and it is obvious how the public feels.  Weird outfits and a childish name and psychotic pimply-faced children as your fan base will only take you so far.  And as for gay rights, that was pure marketing, she copied that right from the page of "How to be successful like Madonna" book.  Madonna is a legend and I'm not even a Madge fan.  Gaga is a sad xerox heading for the recycle and shred bin.

Gaga is over with Applause in 45 countries #1 ? I dont think so. If you tell us Gaga is over, go make a song by yourself that is #1 in 45 countires. 

Gaga is #7 in the US which is pathetic in all major countries she isn't even the top 5. Her schtick is tiring and OLD. She is so 2009

What land of fiction do you live in?  She has dropped out of the top ten in most countries after a week

So was Madonna's last album. It was a major failure, with most songs never even reaching the top ten.

It's always "The Littles Morons" that call Gaga the queen of pop.  She doesn't even have close to the number of hits that Madonna, Katy, Rihanna have.  She has two number one songs.  Big deal.  She's been around for five years.  She's not even the Princess of pop, that would be Britney.  And that ugly mug of hers, sorry... she needs to keep those sunglasses on.  Her career is coming to an end by being mean, allowing her haus and monsters to tweet cruel things about other artists, she's ugly inside and out.  She;s done.   

2 number 1 songs? Poker Face, Born this Way, Applause, Paparazzi, Judas, Bad Romance. I dunno what u call 2 songs. Just gtfo with your lies. No Gaga is not the queen of pop, she is the GODDES of pop.

How old r u 12?

Go ahead and look it up on Billboard before just stating what you think is true. You didn't even name one of her number one songs...Just Dance. Remember that one? Probably her best song. Poker Face, and unfortunatley the rip off that is Born this way. That is it. The rest you mentioned are between 2-10. Just check your facts. She is the furthest from Goddess and queen of Pop. The true Queen is Madonna, duh. just look at her longevity with massive success. Gaga has been around barley 5 years. Theres no comparison. After Madonna there are several other artists such as Mariah, Whitney, Britney, Christina, Katy, Beyonce, Kylie, Rihanna, Janet, Gwen, Robyn, Kelly, shit even Solange that are more creative/artistic than her.

Again the Little Morons have it all wrong.  She has two number 1 songs on the billboard hot 100.  TWO lmao.  No one cares about her anymore.  I'm an ex fan of gaga.

I would like to know what fan base you are from...because you are doing the exact same thing you are saying us Little Monsters are doing to other artists. It is so wrong of you all to judge little monsters in general terms like this let alone Gaga based on some little monsters behaviour. I am a big Lady Gaga stan but I love Roar, I love a whole bunch of other pop artists.

About the tweeting...she has been quite oftenly tweeting telling her monsters to stop saying cruel things.

While her new single didn't do as good in lady gaga standards, i still don't considered a flop, the bitter stans are something else! God save the queen of pop.

I think they used to give Instint magazin away free or still do .   I saw Lady gaga on GMA she was shy , sweet and unique.  THis has always been frowned upon even from the days of Jesus.   We can only listen to these artists.  We get no more no less, and should expect no more or less.  

lmao you compare her to Jesus?!  Sick.  Just utterly sick.

You really are demented, you know.

Inbreeding much?

applause is great , dj here and love the runs and her voice.   video is way out there for sure .   

the song sucks. It is a rip-off of Madonna (once again) and sounds worse. Her "Art" ain't "Pop"

Wow some much hate!!! She does not need any of you worthless gays!!!!

Oh really???? Well nobody invited her to that drag club she used to film her lyric video...please child think before you type.

I never hated Lady Gaga in the past or present. Just hated all the praise and credit from the media for what other major talents have done way before her, and made it seem its all her creations from the meat dress to well we all know she was trying to take what Madonna has built and make it hers...cause today people lack the education of facts and just believe what they read and hear. I knew Gaga would eventually get slapped dead in the face with karma..faking a hip injury and playing on custom made wheel chairs... using gay people when its convenient for her albums sales.Also the latest cover up by billboard and other possibly paid to do so sources . Now that its obvious on her latest Single is not performing well... what will they say? Thank you very much for speaking out like a real journalist

I used to like Gaga but she seems very mean-spirited and fake and I can't stand how she thinks she is already the next Madonna.  People like Beatles, Elvis, Madonna have earned their legendary titles after being in the game at the top of their field for decades.  Rihanna has 24 top ten singles and is well on her way to becoming a music legend but you don't see Rihanna and her people acting like pretentious jackasses the way Gaga does.  Gaga is pretty much done and only a miracle can save her.  Good article Attitude, awesome job. :)     

I'm sorry, in what universe is going #1 in 30+ countries a FLOP?

I'm sorry, in what universe is lady gaga #1 in 30+ countries?


Earth is not a universeHunHun 

In what universe did she go to number 1? lmao.  She's fallen out of the top ten in many countries after less than a week on the charts. 

Applause is a song that something you could find lets say in Bjork B-side CD single and I'm not even joking.

Waste of time and dime.

Embarrassing is the right word to describe this. Bye.

Artpop- a tribute for Ciara's flopped albums :D

Is that her album cover?  I hope not...lookin' like a voodoo doll!  Who ever came up with that Idea outta be fired!

So you want to fire inez and vindooh?

Halloween comes early for some people. Thats why.

You don't have to be a scientist to realize that Gaga thinks she is Madonna but she isn't and she will always remain the footnote in Madonna's Wikipedia page.

If I were you, I would terminate those pathetic donkeys in the Haus of GagGag and replace them with true creative, able, fresh, savvy and groundbreaking staff; not cocaine and meth addicts who dressed you like a homeless clown and called your work as 'art'. Get it ?

I... Have always hated. Loathed the bitch. And Katy Perry to me is brain dead. But it amazes me that nobody understood this song. The song is not meant to say 'look how arrogant I am applaud me bitches' its supposed to illustrate the need as an artist to have an audience. The album is a depiction of the creative process and what it involves and how you feel when u create something and what drives you to create it in the first place. The make up for examply illustrates how u change your work. It represents the canvas . As for people who say she hasnt changed a thing I mean. Am i the only who noticed that she actually looks human in a lot of the shots of the video? Katy Perry is doing well on the fact that her song is classic old and tried pop . It is however forgetable and she relyes on the 'I'm a powerful woman but im also a child ' idea to make anthem songs and that will take her only so far because people get bored of it . This is why Beyoncé hasn't had success with her album after sasha fierce and in a way why lady gaga is having a problem of disinterest. People r bored of the same weird shit and have becomed used to her changing outfits everytime she blinks. The idea of her album is brilliant but her execution is a bit out of aim. Still tho. How can u consider this a flop when Madonna's singles didn't even make it past #20 on the charts? This made it to #3 not her best but most certainlynot half as bad as Bionic No doubts Push and Shove or Alicia Keys latest . All of those where actual flops .

Wow some sense finally! Other people are seeing that music shouldn't just be stick to what you know blah de blah like Katy perry, although her song is doing well its only because she's sticking to the same format as every other boring pop artist and unfortunately that's what the world wants. Her song has no depth what you see is what you get and people 'relate' to it but obviously because she's wrote it that way so they will so it becomes a hit whereas gaga has realised that music is actually art and needs to be experimented in different ways and so ok it's not made the great comeback we would've liked but at least she's pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box and as all experiments go some work some dont but unless you try you'll never know and also at least with gaga she makes you think about the lyrics, like they have meaning behind them that's not so straight forward but maybe that's why people don't like it because they're to stupid to actually think! But applause is far from a flop and I actually love it and especially the video it's one of gagas best visual masterpieces!!

Yeah because "art" was never thought up before her right. Like all her costumes and songs ripped directly off other artist hard work. Pushed what boundaries may I ask has she pushed musically? Singing about paparazzi ala Britney or Born This Way aka Express Yourself. Your a single called human being. Art existed long before that big nosed flop existed. Go to iTunes download music by Madonna, The Beatles, Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and get familiar with boundaries, that is all


This is the first sane piece of commentary I've seen on this issue. 

Gaga's metldown is coming soon.

99cents per download once again for Artflop.

Get your discount card ready.

You guys have been warned. 


Her perfume smells like Lady Ca-Ca!

Dear Lady Gaga,

Please do rimming videos with your stupid bf and maybe gays around the world would love your work again and outsell Katy Perry.


Butt Muncher Video Fan


I love Me some Britney 

It's good to see a gay media outlet being honest. Gaga (and her fans especially) need to learn some humility. You can't keep blowing your own trumpet and not expect people to hate you. If she were truly a great artist, she'd let the music do the talking. It's like the story of the Emperor's new clothes, and now people are finally starting to see who she really is.

....only gay magazines have the real balls. Many journalists keep sniffing Gaga's smelly kunt. Useless..

Such shameful declaration.

So pompous and full of arrogance.

Looks like the circus is in town again, please clown caca go away.  And yes ya flopped!

I actually really like Applause and find it to be a totally danceable song.  From the beginning I never really thought the song was self-indulgent to only her, but was instead for any one who has ever been on a stage and received applause. It doesn't need to be literal applause, it can be anything from a pat on the back to a standing O. What drag queen doesn't live for a crowd going crazy for their routine?

I think the problem here was the misguided move to try and beat Katy Perry. While I don't really like Katy Perry, Roar is instantly infectious and easy to like (even if it is a complete rip off of Sara Bareilles' “Brave" [similar to Born This Way ripping off Madonna]). Applause could've been a great end of the summer song if there wasn't all the Perry/Gaga/Perez Hilton drama that surrounded the release.

Couldn't agree more!

That's because you have two left feet.  LMAO

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Ain't nobody got time for this "soft clap" crap !

lady gaga needs jesus! i pray for this transexual’s soul, i mean that is pure sin that will place on that vma stage this year! i will take out my bible and sing praise songs in my head just to make it thru this evil and vile show! i hope jesus can reach gaga before its too late. im so appalled by gaga i just want to take my bible and burn the hell out of his wig! thats what someone should have done last night at times square during applause video premiere! i could just beat that gaga dude down to the floor and then take a big steaming wet crap of mine on his fugly gladiator-helmet face! i will pray for gaga but if the lord can not reach him, then i hope someone turns that freak show gaga into pampers buttwipe! jesus please help this country for it is full of sin! i dont mind glbt but the freak monsters with raccoon meat and goose eggs have brought down a once christian nation i love!

Gaga- that stupid f**cking c**t who makes a living my stealing people ideas. Enough already...

This is what happens when you come gunning for legend status early in the game. Gaga acts like she's some sort of artistic, pop prophet when in actuality she's just expediting her downfall. It took Madonna about a decade before people started to really turn on her with the whole Erotica thing. This is because, as arrogant as she was, Madonna was also a brilliant tactician and always came into the game with guns blazing. Gaga wants you to buy her vulnerability, she plays victim a lot, and she's extremely self-indulgent- all very clearly evidenced by her feud with Perez Hilton wherein she accused him of stalking her.

Gaga wrote too many checks with her mouth that her ass can never catch.

its always some norm who aint did a damn thing for the world who is a critic man i bet u some avrg ass mf that life or LG or Madge would give 2 fucks about n im not a lil monster madonna all day before GaGa but i get so sick of reading this type of bullshit from a Nobody who dont even get a damn dime for your who gives a fuck opinion i bet if we where to look thru the looking glass at your n your life what would we see.... Nothing some Nobody who time has forgotten

Punctuation, it's this fantastic thing you should look into...

Her new single is utter crap, ive been a fan of hers, but i feel like she's just trying to hard now and it reeks of desperation.  It's funny to me that her followers and threatening Perez Hilton for speaking the truth about how bad her new music really is.  It's the truth people, Applause is AWFUL!

Jonathan Higbee...will you marry me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no competition nor should there be - an artist's work is their own. "Applause" isn't any good. You can't dance to a track that glorifies how SHE feels when she's on stage and receiving applause. Great, so glad you picked that as your first single for your fans - a song we can't relate to.

STFU !!!!

Applause is chose by an old white man in Universal Music who knew nothing about music. It is not entirely Gaga's fault, you dumbass maggot the faggot !!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad Gaga's fans are intelligent!  'STFU you dumbass maggot the faggot' (OH my god, that is hilarious!) Well done, you lost before you started.

This is what happens when mediocre NY musicians take the stage. They need shock value in order to make up for how terrible they are musically.

Gaga is too self-conscious and serious to be fun, and there are too many half baked ideas thrown together for it to make sense. Her songs now are just random hooks Madonna-ed together with some glossy production, marketing and given titles that the songs themselves don't live up to.

Her new music video OMG isn't art. It is an epic moronic hot mess and commercialism trying desperately to make her song so addictive, and it lacks all the warmth, emotion, depth and accessibility to a 18 -yo jobless teenager and Monster to watch YouTube. Applause is the 1st single and just imagine the rest of the songs in Artpop.

Dismiss this record's company puppet, America because she deserves to be jeered not applaussed !!!

Post of the day !!!!

******standing ovation******

10/10 completely agree with you

Lady Gaga came to a fork in the road with this album. She'd built up this image as a some kind of uber-artiste, but her musical output has always been a bit pedestrian, a fact almost everyone agrees to, including her biggest delusional fans. With this Artpoop album, she could have proved herself a credible musician, or she could continue to do the same old thing. She's not only chosen the latter path, she has also lost her ability to construct a decent pop song. It's all gone up her nose because she is too egoistic with fame and ratings. Universal Music should ask her leave Twitter and let music speaks for itself.The album is too over HYPED. It's her 'Look At Me' album. Now I begin to understand why Katy Perry's new single outsold her. Simple fun pop song nothing self-absorbed with ugly makeup to make her point. US Billboard Hot 100 is full of stories just like Lady Gaga's  songs. Unfortunate garbage powered by Twitter and marketing. Sad era we live in.

Ps: How many times Gaga has been sued in the last 5 years? Please GTS (Google That S**t)

Yeah I'm not surprised about Katy beating her either. katy is just a fun artist who doesn't take herself too serious, she doesn't think she's the new madonna or some savior of pop, she's just herself making music anyone can enjoy.

I remember when Katy was the new thing, when "I kissed a girl" was released. And not too much time later Just Dance and Poker Face were released and they overshined her so much. Now its Katy's turn to be the big thing in pop, she earned it.

...still cannot forget how stupid Gaga was when she showed up at the 2011 Video Music Awards as Jo Calderone, meat dress and egg. When she 1st started she was kind of interesting. Now she is more delusional tacky, misguided and cheap. Kind of 'I am cool’ buy my records. And Born This Way wasn't an album of the century at all. It wasn't album of the year either. I am SO done with this overrated and the biggest clown in the showbiz. RIP.

It's an awful song. I love GaGa and what she has done for the gay community, but this new song and video is garbage. The last good album was The Fame Monster, and ever since she has been losing her steam, seemingly copying Madonna and getting trampled by better music. I'd like a comeback


Applause-----------> Judas pt II

Lady Gaga- a Madonna Copycat Singer

Hip Surgery = Low Tickets Sales

Source: Billboard Top Grossing Tour

The flash in the pan will die out soon! Her music is boring and predictable. She has mediocre talent so she goes for shock value. Lady Gaga is the epitome of filth. She's nothing but a role model for girls and boys with no self-esteem, and she believes everything she does is out of "art". I am so sick of this Xerox machine exploiting gay issues to win publicity. And it’s her fans as much as it is her. It really is. Her fans are the most universally-despised in the stan world.

Lady Gaga is not a musician. She just a commodity just like McD and KFC. It is time for her record company to send her to gay bars Vegas.



I pretty sure all the hecklers like you just pick on everybody because you guys have yet to make a name for yourself and I would like to see each and everyone of you haters make it at least to the top 500 on iTunes because all that negativity you have locked away deep down inside is just frustration that is a result of not being able to get off your asses and do something instead of wasting all your energy to type something hatefull to someone that doesn't even care, and of course I love her music and I will continue to love it and I have no idea how "Applause" has anything to do with any other artist's song. it like you haters are like fucking leeches living off of the negative comments you guys post or say towards other people not only artists and i am pretty sure that you guys are not only like this online, but also in the real world and you guys just need to keep going along with life keeping your mouths shut and not saying a word because all of that will come back to too you. for everyone else who keeps saying that Katy is original with her new single, you guys should look up Sara Barreilles' single called "Brave " the we will talk about originally... oh and one more thing, I'm pretty sure that the most despised fan groups out there are One Direction and Justin Bieber fans, do you research before posting and looking like an ignorant Snod that is apparently above it a'll and know all the songs in the history of the world because oncertain Lady gays straight up, take the instrumental part of another song and put in her song(just like what Katy did to Sara) I'll believe that she is a flop or fraud or a human Xerox machine.

One more thing people can comment all they want. That's what this comment section is for. I'm not really of fan of katty or gaga but based on swinefest I don't think this album will do well much like born this way which tbh only bought for the extra cloud space and got it for 99 cents

Your tone is very pointed. Don't be upset because Gaga isn't charting as well as katty. You preach to people that have no lives but to talk down Gaga but you yourself are talking about Katty what does that say about you?



fArtpoop stinks !!!!

Happy now? 




LOL.  Hilarious.  This is not the truth at all.  A second single released a few weeks after applause was always the game plan, not because Applause flopped.  

Floperation!! Period point blank!!!


Appreciate your honesty; Lady CaCa is VILE.  She is toxic and her lies and shady ways have affected friendships I have with people who cannot accept their 'Mother' is going downhill fast.  I feel bad for her, but then again I hate liars.  Started with Born This Way, which she STILL won't cop to copying (even after M did the song on her tour and after countless mashups.....guess everyone's insane...), to that hip injury (was it chronic or any accident??....was there even an injury??) to her calling for peace in the industry at the same time playing the victim ('Do I have to be shot?' and 'Madonna pointing a gun at me'...).  OH BOO HOO!!! REAL ARTISTS LET THEIR ART SHINE.  This is anything but art.

I'm happy to have some honest journalists and media nowadays. This is objective and that's what journalist should be about.

Thank you for this article. I am so tired of the media shoving her down our throats no matter what. She'd be way more popular if they stopped that.

Appreciate your truthful journalism while the mainstream continues to cover for this fraudulent "artist".

Unbiased journalism is rare nowadays, thanks for being factual.

thanks for pointing out what a piece of crap lady gargoyle is, she is a terrible copy cat and is desperate for attention.

Thank you! I love that there are still honest journalists out there! #muchlove <3

Thank you for telling the truth and not covering gaga!! Very good job!! :-)

Thanks for saying things as they are, instead of trying to cover up the self proclaimed "gay icon".  

Who? Madonna 

Well done on some honest journalism - reporting the TRUTH! Perez Hilton is spilling some LG truth tea all over Twitter as well, so check that out...

Jonathan Higbee, thank you so much for being honest about lady gaga's latest release. I been reading reviews and watching the charts, and all i see is crtics kissing her ass and being dishonest. Every other media outlet seems to be over protecting for no good reason. keep up the good work.

keep reporting the truth. keep up the good work . thanks. 

Oh lookie. More tired queens trying to rain on Gaga's comeback. 

Comeback?  she hasn't been around that long to have a "Comeback" just face it she's a big flop and people are tired of seeing her act a fool!!

Oh lookie .More tired queens trying to rain on Gaga's Trainwreck

This isn't true.

How can you honestly say "This isn't true."??? I don't understand how fans can be so mindless, it's beyond frustrating!


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