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HIV-Positive People May Face Mandatory Fingerprinting In Russia

A newly proposed bill would institute mandatory fingerprinting for HIV-positive individuals in Russia if passed. 

RT reports:

A new bill prepared by a nationalist MP and approved by federal ministries proposes the introduction of obligatory fingerprinting for all people with dangerous diseases, including HIV, and the creation of a national database.

State Duma deputy Roman Khudyakov of the Liberal Democratic party told mass circulation daily Izvestia that he had prepared an amendment to the federal bill on fingerprinting to provide for a database of people carrying dangerous contagious diseases. This agency will collect medical records and make patients undergo fingerprinting. The information will then be collected in a special nationwide database.

If the amendment is passed the new rules would apply to Russian citizens and foreigners who are visiting the country. 

Regarding the alleged "benefits" of the proposed legislation, Khudyakov says:

The politician explained he came up with the idea because sometimes infected people change their names and disappear from the state system. Khudyakov says fingerprinting would make it impossible.In addition, universal fingerprinting would make it easier to fight crime, reduce the amount of bureaucratic red tape, and solve many social problems where quick identification is often required.

A national database? The proposal sounds eerily like a criminal database, no?? What's next? Will HIV-positive individuals have to register like sex offenders when they move into a neighborhood?

What's your take on the proposed legislation, Instincters?


Russia's campaign against homosexuality continues to broaden. HIV is no longer considered to be a communicable disease except through unprotected sex, fir which both parties are responsible for that choice. Lack if education in that country continues to instill fear. How very sad.

Indeed, Kakeboy99, that was precisely my reaction as well. Vladimir Putin, it now seems, is turning into the next Adolf Hitler.

Sounds like Nazi Germany to me.

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