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Nick Jonas Packs On Even More Muscle For UFC Movie, Shows Off Buffer Body On Instagram

Just like our crush, Nick Jonas' body continues to grow. The hunky former boy-bander is packing on muscle to play a rising UFC fighter in the upcoming film Navy St., and because he knows exactly what his fans want, he's updating his massive muscle burst on Instagram. Late Friday, Nick unveiled an even buffer body than we've recently seen, leaving more than 160,000 of his followers (and counting!) salivating. Keep up the good work, Nick! 


cool muscles..

Bhoothnath 2014

Juice does wonders!

You are an asshole. You do know that most people who are bodybuilders are not juicers? Just fuck off asshole.

Next time make sure you leave the shirt off Nick! lol

nom nom

He has certainly grown up quite nice. Very, very nice.

Two thumbs up

Mmm beef!!

Hunky chunky! Nhum nhum!!!

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