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Republican Congressman Aaron Schock Shows Instagram His Surfer's Body

D.C.'s most photographed hard body, U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL), is once again giving Capitol Hill much to salivate over. The on again-off again Cosmo model treated Instagram to a professional-quality shot of himself traversing the Waikiki waves in nothing but boardshorts this week, along with the caption: 

"Waikiki Beach - Enjoying the Aloha spirit thanks to @tulsigabbard hospitality and Surfing Coach Nish for getting me up. Shout out to @oahusurfshots for the pics. #icouldlivehere"



The only doable members of Congress are Republican! Aaron Schock and Adam Kinzinger in the House, and dilfy stud Jeff Flake in the Senate.

Be democrat and we'll approve until then its relative.

We have our allies among the Republicans too, they're just a little more "closeted”... Many people are socially liberal nowadays but fiscally conservative, so please don't imply that being gay or an ally is incompatible with being Republican, I know a lot of Republicans are backwards on this issue, but I'm sick of people harassing my boyfriend for being Republican-leaning

and he talks about the Prez going on vacations. im sure this was paid for by tax dollars or PAC contributions

Remember, gents, Lucifer was the most beautiful creature God ever created. And look who he turned out to be! ;-)

Another Republican welfare surfer! 

The GOP have no clue what it's like to suffer under the weight of low-wages and competing with dozens of other people for one good paying job. They earn six figures while bowing to corporate lobbyists. They eat steak while ordinary Americans eat mac & cheese, if they get to eat at all. Conservatives are nothing but greedy demons.

Stop surfing and do the job you're paid six figures for, a$$hole!!! (Like voting and garnering support for unemployment insurance that ran out for millions, douche.)

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Wow!  This definitely shows how totally NOT gay the Congressman is. 

Lol, I was thinking the same thing.  How convenient an image to put up, after this whole brouhaha:

@ShoBoi...... “Politicians are people too” (FTFY)

The first republican I have ever liked. I may have to switch parties! lol

Politicians are people to. We seem to forget.

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