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Southern Baptist Pastor: Resisting Marriage Equality Just Like Resisting Slavery

An interesting mutation of the Christian right's common "I'm not a bigot, you're the bigot" refrain as of late was discovered this week at a panel for Southern Baptist leaders. 

"Resisting marriage equality is akin to being a supporter of freeing the slaves in 1860" is the (paraphrased) mind-fuck vomited on stage at the event by Pastor J.D. Greear at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

"Preaching against homosexuality in our day is about as popular as preaching against slavery and racism in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1861," said Greear at the summit. "And back then, I'm sure the politically correct people were like, 'You're just creating a lot of waves that are unnecessary, just preach the Gospel.'"

The fact that the Southern Baptists didn't officially apologize for supporting slavery and segregation until 1995 only added upon the irony already inherent in Greear's outrageous statement. 

Maybe in 2140 the future of what remains of the Southern Baptists will be ready to apologize for Greear and the church's War against the LGBT community? 

(Source: Christian Post)


Make no mistake, Southern Baptists are not about doing unpopular things.  They would have supported slavery in 1860 because most of the South supported it.  Organizations like Bob Jones University (a southern Baptist college) enforced segregation until the 1980s and didn't allow inter-racial dating until 2000.  They support anti-equality legislation because it's popular in the South.  I'd be more interested in hearing from Southern Baptists what they do that ISN'T unpopular.  They're not leaders.

And no one on stage punched him in the face?  Oh yeah, cause I wasn't there.  Oh....and, dear Patrick Work, why are you reading shit you don't understand.  That wasn't really a question for you; I'm just wondering why the fuck people like you bother to comment when all you noticed was a date which you didn't understand.  And, no, I don't care who says shit about my comments.

Did you mean 'Maybe in 2014..."? not 2140?

No Patrick, the writer is suggesting that, since it took the SBC 125 years to apologize for being wrong about slavery, it will take 126 years for them to get around to apologizing to us.  

Freudian slip :) they used to use the bible for justification of Slavery and guess what - they are once again using the bible to discriminate against the LGBT community.

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