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Which Male Star Is Cuddling Up w/ James Franco In His Latest Bed Selfie?

Up until now, James Franco's in-bed Instagram selfies have been solo affairs, but there's a first time for everything!

So who's the lucky guy cuddled up with James in his latest effort to provoke the masses??

It's Pretty Little Liars star Keegan Allen! 


Yeah, sounds about right. 

Anyone looking forward to the next chapter of this bromance??


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


my hot fanstay

I knew right away that this was just a quick selfie with a friend in the morning, nothing more. It's fun and cute. Fun experiment to see how people would react... whatever!   

Dressed or not, id lime to be in the middle of this one..

good lord....can you imagine being in between THAT? =)

Who cares, let's all get a life shall we?

I just wanna cuddle between both the Franco boys... :(

ITs just a Charade ! He's an Actor ! I been down with him more than that so called SELFIE which isnt A SELFIE ! This isnt even news worthy oh hummmmmmmm yawn ! So are some of the comments , on the other hand some of the comments are more interesting that the photo ! I wonder how y all would have managed US at Theater ARTS Class back in the 80s before the computer took over mass media, we did alot more than that photo, and we didnt have these foolish distractions when we were having fun at a sleep over ! HAAAAAAAAAH ! 

wow, a famous person doing something to ring attention to themself, who cares, attention whore.

I never suspected these dudes were into each other in "that way". Damn! Franco is effin' HOT

Looks like they were having fun.  

i thought a selfie was a person taking a pic of him self no doing a photo shout  ..get real 

Not really a "selfie" when you have  photographer taking the damned picture!!

James Franco is a very good looking guy but i also respect that he says he is straight. And that he can do gay roles and not think a word of it. He is a very nice person. Thank You James Franco for being such a wonderful person.

I wish Franco would come out. His constant obsession with gay stories and gay roles, and his home in a very gay neighborhood of Los Angeles.....come on. This kind of cutsy cute stuff is beginning to annoy me. Franco seems to have an inflated view of his own importance, as if everyone is just gasping in wait for his latest blatant clue to his sexuality.  Yeah, the guy is handsome, but so are a large percentage of the guys you see in West Hollywood. Please just come out before your sell-by date, when no one will care.

Franco does this sort of thing because of people like you. He is trying to fight the narrow definitions of human sexuality and love. He is "out". He was never "in". He is an openly sexual and sensual human being who, though he may be primarily of heterosexual orientation, does not fear or turn his head in disgust in the face of other options. He is an artist seeking to shake up our societal norms and I applaud him for that.

You are so right on with this comment. Thank you. You said it for me. Kudos!

You are so right on with this comment. Thank you. You said it for me. Kudos!

In other words.. BI. ....No special definition necessary....

He is what Kinsey would classify a 5 or a 6.  That's it.  Can we please move on!!!

Sorry, but I think Franco can do much better!

Ok, l give. Who? LOL

doesn't count.  They're still dressed.

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