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Footballer Player's Shorts Pulled Down During Play

Though a hot player from the Aston Villa Football Club was in possession of the ball, it's really the defensive maneuver from an enterprising Totenham Hotspur member that made a goal in our eyes. This clip from a recent game that aired on Bein Sports shows the AVF footballer being forced to show off his tighty-whities as he goes in for a kick. We'd join the local gay soccer team if this move was sanctioned and wouldn't result in getting carded by the ref (though, usually, we adore getting carded). 

You're welcome. 

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I Think You've Got The Wrong Ball(s) Mate!! 

The player is Nicklas Helenius, Danish soccer player.

If he had a jock on it might have been worthwhile! But white briefs, meh.

I get a kick out if them as well. Get it...a kick, lol. Is kinda sexy though, the jock he's wearing and all.

i love your pointless yet sexy posts!

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