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All Male Cheerleading Team Energizes Mobile, AL Basketball Game

The Prancing Elites, an all-male cheerleading squad in Mobile, Alabama, has broken the Southern mold with ferocious spirit, unparalleled talent ... and tons of courage. 

The group explains a bit about how they came together in the "About" section of their Facebook page: 

we work very hard to get to where we are..sometimes day in and day out..long late night practices and even early morning practices..we have a passion for the art of DANCE, so no matter how we perform it..its our EXPRESSION OF ART


I am so delighted and proud of the Prancing Elites.

Hey, my name is Jerel and Im a proud member of Prancing Elites. Thank you soo much for supporting and sharing out video! You guys should check out our YouTube channel (ktrell705). Also, add our page on Facebook @ PrancingElites DanceTeam

also, add me on Facebook (Simone Maddox) 

I should look as good in a pair of short shorts!

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