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The 'So You Think You Can Dance' Solo Everyone's Talking About!

Check out the So You Think You Can Dance Australia solo that's got everyone talking!

Amazing!! The solo was performed by 18-year-old Michael Dameski and we're seriously not even sure how some of those movements happened! He seemed to defy physics! 

Australia's TV Tonight writes:

Judge Paula Abdul told TV Tonight, it was the most amazing routine she had seen on any version of the show.

“Professionally, I’ve never witnessed anything as special as this. You can’t even articulate it. I can’t begin to tell you, it was that awesome,” she said.

“It prompted an emotional response. I jumped up. The rest of the judges jumped up and the entire studio audience was on their feet, screaming and teary-eyed.”

The applause went on for so long the show had to drastically edit it down and re-introduce the remaining male dancers.

Get it, Michael!!

What did you think of his solo, Instincters? 


Good gymnastic...dancer? We'll see...he is good, no doubt about it, but I've seen better. Not impress at all.

not impressed at all?? seriously?? understatement much or just a vein of jealously running through your thread?


someone said dance is an art and not a sport!! dancerS use their body as intense if not more intensely than "spectacle sport."  i personally went from playing football running track cross country and wrestling( an all american athlete) to dancing ballet, modern, jazz, latin ballroom, Japanese butoh, etc. (15 styles of movement) all of which i incorporated my knowledge of mastered sports to progress in dance.

there is a lot about Ballet that has been going on for centuries and seems to reinvent the same movement in the same spatial path but we condone that.  Ballet is horrible for the alignment of the body from feet to spinal alignment but "ballet is Dance"  

so if it is the extremity of danger or tricks that makes it "not" dance...then what would make irish set dance or salsa or Argentinean Tango dance.  some of these comments are Eurocentric oriented and biased.  

movement doesn't have to be an expression it can just be movement for movement sake or for spectacle because that's what ballet use to be for; "SPECTACLE"

i am not intending to devalue anyone's comments. mine is no more valuable as everyone else's opinions 

just encourage you all to study Dance not only as an art form to ooohh and awe about but as a serious cultural importance.  If you cant value his piece as a whole, at least value the hard work and effort he put in to even start this conversation as we all attempt to do daily.

-Dance major 

ps great conversation im responding at 7 am

I think the conversations about gymnastics v dance miss the point. Dance is an art, an emotional exploration, an expression of feeling and and a sharing of self. Michael performed with an emotional intensity that imparted his feelings to the audience, and in return generated an emotional response within them. I thought it was absolutely fabulous, and I would love to see him perform again so I could experience that same level of gut-wrenching soulfulness.


Tipple agreed from Buffalo, USA!

I would like to say he was amazing an he had some tricks In his routine , but as a gymnast you have to do a floor dance with music an it's a dance with gymnastic jumps an twists ! He just danced with great form an strength ! Truly amazing an anyone who says that's not dance is just jealous ! 

He is awesome. Period.
Wordless. Exceptional in all aspects of it.

Beautiful routine. Executed perfectly! 

Dancing is form of movement and expression. Just because he did acrobat doesn't mean he was dancing. Dancing is evolving and different form of movement is incorporated to express the person feeling as the music plays.

True dancing is a form of movement and expression. There is nothing about his performance that was anything less than that. So he did some acrobatic moves, is that not movement and expression? Just because the art was unable to move you does not mean it is any less valuable. This would be more entertainment driven than art driven, yes, but that is why it was on a TV show. Do not discredit his courage and hard work he put into his work of art.

I think the 'fellow dancer' meant "wasn't"; I don't think that's meant to be a negative comment. 

I have never liked a comment more^^^^^^

I wish I could get off the floor like that! Like being pulled up by the top of your head that would be fabulous. 

Young dancers should not be allowed or encouraged to land on their knees - Ever!! It is too dangerous for the dancer. This young man is evidently strong enough to do just about anything a choreographer asks him to do. So the responsibility is with the choreographer not to ask young dancers to do this - and then the producers need to not reward this dangerous, and self-destructive behavior. Small children, not as strong as this young man, copy moves from the TV and can really injure themselves. 

I have interviewed young dancers under age 18, who have fractured their patella bones doing knee falls in dance pieces and competitions.

Just to say, it looks like he landed on his knees but in fact landed on his bottom. no matter how strong you are landing on your knees is going to hurt 

I would just like to say as a dancer that, yes, dancing can be harsh on knees and feet BUT as we learn and develop with new more complicated moves such as falling we learn how to even out the impact. If you watch closely his foot touches the ground before his knee which is bent. If he had landed on his knee from that jump he probably would have regretted it. If he would have landed without his knee bent on that foot he would have regretted that. Let's face it. Most dancers (minus the very rare lucky few) are going to have joint and knee problems. We are trained on how to prevent immediate damage when doing such moves though. This guy knew what he was doing and did an amazing job and the choreographer knew exactly what he was doing. Also, I agree children will mimic all that they see on tv, but does that not mean they are interested? If they're trying to copy him put them in dance? Let them learn proper and safer techniques than going for it in the back yard. Things we do every day are dangerous yet we do them anyway including dance. Just because you risk a few future knee problems should not scare you away from performing beautifully unique moves in your routine as this guy did. 

The back handspring half turn went to his BUTT. NOT to his KNEES! Agree with you? Yes. But clearly, he/the choreographers of this show are more intelligent than having him do something high impact down to his knees. The black pants make it hard to tell but watch again. 

No matter what you wanna say. This choreography is dangerous. Not smart. This is truth and real.

Driving my car is dangerous.  Get over it.

Hahaha THANK YOU. I'm not sure why people are complaining. Young kids may try to copy MMA or wrestling moves, and young football and soccer players injure themselves all the time. With the right coaches and instructors, they'll be fine.

I think he is amazing!! His 30 second routine captivated my attention. And it seems to have caught everyone else's attention as well. There will always be negative ninnies and haters everywhere, no matter what the circumstances are. But I, for one, (and I am not alone) see a brilliance in his performance. I see a determination in his facial expressions. And I see a TALENT beyond compare. So, you can call it whatever you want long as it is GOOD! This young man is talented, no matter how you look at it. His performance is passionate and as breathtaking as it could be when only allowed a mere 30 seconds. I say BRAVO! I will definitely be looking for more from this talented young man. Google, here I come!!!!! ;) 

Amen! I agree with you totally! I believe the solo's on So You Think You Can Dance are choreographed by the dancers themselves. He did what he came to do. Impress the judges and the audience! God Bless this talented young man!

Gymnastics...........That's it!

This was more like a gymnastic routine not dance. Has some great moves but to call it

So please tell me, what is the difference between gymnastics and dance? Also, even if you can offer a clearly defined difference, what is wrong with incorporating acrobatics into dance? (Other than the fact that it makes me feel inadequate)

pretty sure at some point street dance wasn't considered dance, heck modern wasn't and as for contemporary ballet well. Gosh, wash your mouth out with soap. Dance evolves, if it didn't we'd still be shuffling around a camp fire , waving sticks and chanting . Armchair critics are wonderfully safe, nobody gets to see what they can or can't do, just what they can spout. If you don't think what this young man did is dancing- fine, don't vote for him, it isn't going to make the earth stop turning. 

Sorry but this performance has nothing to do with dance. Amazing as it may be, it is best left for Cirque de Soleil or gymnastics. It seems that this generation has not been taught that dance is an art form and not sport.

You're also blindly judging one performance. Had you actually decided to see any more of his work before judging, you would see that he is one of the most versatile, dedicated, and emotional dancers of this generation.

Dance is what you want it to be.  Unless you think that only ballet is dance.  If that's  your mind set, then I feel bad for you.

Shut up you fucking idiot!!!

Dancing on SYTYCD is definitely a sport.

Why are you people so daft. Dance is rhythmic movement set to music. That can incorporate many styles which can include acrobatics like hip hop, jazz, contemporary, modern ballet, pop and lock. Watch this kid when he was doing ballet in Billy Elliott at what, 13? Anybody who thinks "gymnastics" arent part of dance haven't watched the Olympics "floor exercises" and have no idea what they' re talking about.

"Dance is rhythmic movement set to music" ...err, no. It is not. Dance does not need music, nor does it need to have a rhythm to be defined as dance. 

Wow!!! that is amassing!!  The Art of Dance at its best!!

and to all you dancers!! Keep spreading the LOVE OF DANCE!!! 

Was everyone talking about the fact Blake McGrath did it better? 10 years ago?

Holy Freakin Crap that is Amazing!!

For those saying it's just a good gymnastics floor routine...where's the mat?  He's doing all these jumps and drops onto a hard stage!  I enjoyed it!

When do you ever judge an artist by a single work?

Nice, thanks for posting this, I enjoyed this one much more - he's clearly an artist with great physical talent, and I'm sure he will go wherever he wants to go with it. I hope for him that he also takes care of his body so that he can do it for many years and gain that sense of performance, that very honest, living and breathing communication that experienced dancers bring us.  

Using acrobatics in a choreography is an artistic choice, which will always be subjective.

It's very clear that he uses gymnastics and that it's more of a 'how many tricks can I do in the time given' obviously this is not a proper dance style like ballet or contemporary, but each dance started somewhere. Personally I find this amazing a new style of dance is born incorporating acro with dance to create something beautiful. We can't confuse dance with acro though...

Overall I think it was an amazing performance of entertainment, was it dance? Meh, depends on what you define in dance ;)

You're an idiot

The clip shown was  51 seconds. There is a longer clip which shows the judges on their feet applauding wildly and the audience going crazy.

Paula breaks down with emotion when trying to comment. This clip blows you away.

I am just glad I don't have to dance like this. Today's "dancers" must be able to do so many different styles, and acro is one of them. This was a wonderful routine for that. Was it lyrical dance, no, but does it have to be?

I was brought to this post because it was an example of dance lacking in artistic integrity on my friend's facebook ,who is a professor of dance. I know her because I also come from dance academia. In dance academia we talk about the spectrum of dance for entertainment and dance for artistry. For those of you who are calling people ignorant for pointing out this piece is blatantly on the entertainment side of the spectrum what then would be the artistic statement he was trying to portray here? Also if you think that isn't important, I have news for you: you're the ignorant one.

I think that it does lack emotional connection with the music, but the way that this guy moves his body IS art. The beautiful thing about art is that it can be interpreted in many ways. I'm a professional dancer, psychology major, and physics minor on the verge of obtaining my Bachelor of Science degree. It is all about being able to look at multiple angles and seeing the artistry. It's not always about the emotion. It's about the angles and his movement that makes it art in my opinion. 

Wow you know so much about dance, please post a video of yourself dancing for your life so we can have an opinion on your artistry ha! It's 30 seconds they get and he definitely showed us artistry. Take a walk please. The only person lacking in anything here is you :))) enjoy and appreciate maybe if you had seen the show & watched the duos you would have further understanding of the artistry this dancer instills. He is perfection a brilliant dancer and choreographer and is only 18. But you wouldn't understand that now would you. 

A.) I said it lacked in artistic integrity not that it wasn't artistic. I clearly stated it was more on the entertainment/spectacle side of the spectrum however that doesn't mean its completely void of artistry. B.) The world recognizes what I know about dance because I have Bachelors in the subject. I have the piece of paper to prove it. Which probably more than you can say Magika. Also do they have wifi in trailer parks? You seem like you might know. C.) Erin, what does your science degree have to do with art, specifically dance and choreography? Maybe you know something I don't but that seems irrelevant to this conversation.

That came across harsher than I wanted it to. I agree with most of what you said Erin and I feel like my lack of sleep has made me a bit grumpy so I apologize. 

Magika....I stand by what I said. Arrogance and ignorance are close friends. Being a teenager is hard though so hang in there.

Bed time for you grumpy old man. Unlike you i don't need to boast about my achievements I'm young driven and have an education recognised by the world just like you. However I am so glad that you have found a portal like this, where you can remind the world who you are Greg. This is dance and it is beautiful! Now go brush your teeth.

Jaw dropping technique.  I am astonished how he seamlessly blended so many extremely difficult dance and acrobatic moves into a completely cohesive and deliberate 30-second work of art. Each season, SYTYCD sets the bar higher and higher. Michael just put it out of reach for the rest of the contestants. Bravo!

Allow everyone to have their own opinion. End of story.

I read someone here made negative comments that this is not amazing and referenced it to gymnastics - clearly you are not a dancer or has ever danced - speak to what you know.

This is an amazing piece!  I choose to honor this dancer not put him down or refer to his artistic contribution as simplistic or done...

I thoroughly enjoyed this and I also always love everyone's comments because it always amazez me just how ignorant some people can be when they make comments about things they know nothing about not only on this but on everything. Just sit back and enjoy the gifts God has given some people and stop showing your jealousy and stupidity off.

you forget that these kids are dancing for votes. the flashy moves get more votes. this solo was jam packed. you get 30 seconds to basically show off your skills. he did a great job. with more time he could put more artistry or more "dancing" in, but when you're dancing for votes the tricks and flash will win out every time. trust me..... I won season 1 ;) I think this kid is a fantastic dancer 

I almost agree with you 100% Nick. Flash does not always win out. YOU danced. Blake was flash most of the time. You kicked his butt. Enough said! :-)

Well said Nick! I have always watched the USA show and our own show here in Australia and felt Michael Dameski's routine was a jaw dropping 30 seconds of dance. Pretty hard to do it all in 30 seconds! I have also heard dance 'experts' mock the dancers but they do not take into account how versatile these dancers need to be.

Very well put and in the small fraction of time he was given he showed amazing skill. Also, congratulations. 

You were INCREDIBLE on season one, Nick!  I voted for you.  :D

Marry Me

For those of you thinking it was gymnastics, being born and raised in a life of dance and knowing various types of dancing, this was more modern ballet and a couple flips than gymnastics. With modern, it is a varied type of ballet that he executed exceptionally well as far as can be seen in the video. He correctly points his feet and has a light but rigid fluidity with his performance that is looked for in this style. Overall from the video the performance was exceptional and the young man has skill. Certain characteristics were not typical for modern (the spacial distance between the fingers, etc) but is not a requirement for what his purpose was with this execution. I would be interested in seeing any gymnast with no training in ballet or any form of dance execute some of those moves with proper form as he did. It is not my preferential form of dance, but again, the execution was, as Paula said, "'awesome'".


Haven't any of the judges ever seen men's gymnastics before? Everyone is so stunned - they're acting like he just re-invented the wheel or something. He's extremely talented as a dancer and a gymnast but this isn't anything new. Check out some men's floor exercise routines and then tell me this is the best thing you've ever seen in your life? Really?

Gymnast DO NOT perform their floor routine with music. Expressing music and choreographing the gymnastics with music takes skill. The dance and gymnastic technique was not only AWESOME, the PERFORMANCE  aspect of the choreography was on point. You can't teach that.

Absolutely right!!!

Bitter, party of one: your table is ready.

"So You Think You Can Do Acrobatics and Fouettes and Call It Real Dancing"

Why are people being called "haters" and "jealous" because they think this was more gymnastics than dance? The commenters are still acknowledging the exceptional skill he possesses. And they aren't saying he isn't a good overall dancer; they are just commenting on the choreography of this one performance, not his entire run on the show. I personally was blown away by his skill; yes, I AM jealous (of his skilly and his physique! :-) ) But I agree that the CHOREOGRAPHY comes across as (amazing) gymnastics tied together with some dance moves. And that is perfectly ok, considering the time constraints for this one performance. He was incredible. 

no place for criticism here.  Fucking blew my mind with that first flippy move.  Totally fucking incredible.  I'm a fan.  FIERCE!

I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance.  It brings the beauty of the art to the eyes of the general public.

He's a good dancer. But the choreography is a little RiverDance-y.

Yeah? You saw a lot of tapping and clogging in that routine, did ya?


PHENOMENAL!!!! Oh my God!!! 

Wow. That was amazing. As for all the haters I'd love to see all you guys get up there & do that instead of sitting behind a computer putting people down. You say he can't dance?? Define what dancing actually is. People dance & move in anyway they like or can, do you critise them?? Again would love to see all you bullies get up there & do it.

As a professional dancewear designer I think a lot of people need to be aware that his technique and turnout were flawless. And I would categorize him in the modern category where the acro is completely acceptable. Acro is a huge part of the competitive dance world and the ignorant responses need to go away. He obviously has incredible roots in ballet and it shows.

I bet the people saying it was just gymnastics aren't actual dancers. I was at the actual live performance and saw this, and I can assure you that it was just as spectacular live as it was on tv. We were all on our feet applauding and chanting his name. I've seen every episode of this series and trust me when I say that Michael is a truly skilled and absolutely amazing dancer!

Gotta love the haters, hey at least he has you talking :) this is dance what did you want him to do stand on the spot clap a little sway a little, he entertained! Hell he defied gravity :) i think all of you keyboard ninjas hate your lives so much that you have no other choice but to be negative pathetic individuals. THIS WAS INCREDIBLE! HE IS INCREDIBLE & has proved that each week given any genre. AMZAZING TALENT, WITH A LONG ROAD OFF SUCCESS AHEAD OF HIM!!! horrible individuals as the ones commenting it wasn't dance would never understand that. 

How can you all carry on about it being only gymnastics etc? What an incredible performance that guy put on. I could not take my eyes off him and as they said, I'd pay to see that. Think not only dancing but a career as a performer eg in Cirque du soliell (however that is spelt) I was left speechless stop taking away from the guy how fantastic his performance was. All you baggers, let's see you do it.

If any of you saying that it was just gymnastics and he didn't show enough dance then go to and watch all of Michael's other performances on the show. He has more than proved that he is an exceptional dancer and has excelled in all other dance styles. Don't judge him just based on a quick 30 second routine.

If any of you saying that it was just gymnastics and he didn't show enough dance then go to and watch all of Michael's other performances on the show. He has more than proved that he is an exceptional dancer and has excelled in all other dance styles. Don't judge him just based on a quick 30 second routine.

All i can say is :O

It is a great routine!

Very well put together as well as danced!

And to the above comments: what is the difference between gymnastic and dance? Where is the boarder? 

The answer to your question "what is the difference between gymnastic and dance", is as simple as, art and athletics....

Definitely a great athlete and amazing performance but this had hardly any dancing in it.  I really hope this guy can pull off dancing as well as his gymnastics!  

I'm sorry but most of that looked like gymnastics and NOT the art of dance.  Even the fouettes at the end were frantic.  There is no denying the entertainment and the skill it takes to do those moves.  But this is So You Think You Can Dance?  so, more technique in the dance department please.

In order to proceed through the show, they'll need to demonstrate that they are expert at a variety of different dance styles. During the auditions they get to do what they want, which is going to always be their preferred style. This is definitely a style of interpretive dance. And with the control and precision he showed here, he is well trained. I suspect that he knows all different types of dance. 

I was thinking the same thing.  On the US version, Nigel has criticized people trying out to be on the show for only doing gymnastics and not enough dance.

Very dramatic, great flexibility without a doubt, but I wouldn't call this a dance routine. It's more gymnastics than anything. A dance routine requires more than a few leaps and spins.

While that was a fantastic performance, I feel that it was more acrobatic than dance. There was a full tumbling pass in there. Don't get me wrong though, both the acrobatic skills and the few dance moves I saw were executed beautifully.  But I have to be devil's advocate here and say that this is a Dance competition. That was more like an acrobatic routine with a few dance moves to connect the gymnastics together. It was visually stunning, but not enough true dancing for my liking.

I agree!

I don't get it? The clip was over before I blinked. All I saw was some gymnastic floor movements. Which were great! I'm just confused.

As A dancer myslf That is Amazin

I have been involved in dancing many years. I have never seen anything like that before He deserves to win.

Very athletic, lots of twists and turns and jumps but dance not so much but was great to watch.

You didn't see any dancing? Would you have preferred that he twerked?

He was very good.   There were some impressive moves in there, but the stage was so dimly, and dramatically lit, I think that a lot of the theatrical quality was in the costuming and the lighting.   Not sure that he deserved the reaction that he got from the judges.

Yes, Paula, you can't articulate it.  That's nothing new.


I didn't see much dancing, just alot of twirling and a couple flips any gymnast can do. Just cause he added some dramatic flare in his movements makes him an amazing dancer? I am not knocking him down, but I just don't see what made this so amazing. Want amazing? watch an olympic gymnastics floor routine. 

Awwww...someone's JEALOUS! Those be some SOUR grapes you've got rollin' on your tongue there!


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