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Nickelodeon Star Lucas Cruikshank Comes Out As Gay

19-year-old Lucas Cruikshank, known for his starring role in Nickelodeon's Fred: The Movie franchise, has come out as gay in an absolutely adorable YouTube video.

After taking "questions from fans," Cruikshanks friend Jennifer Veal (a Disney star herself) summons a drumroll "for a biggie"...




Love to get to know you much better,I be your every thing I am fully verse and want to know more just ask


This was all I read in the comments thread.  Its almost funny how this little coming out video created such buzz.  

"Wow. My surprise Level is very low right now."-@AttackingTucans 2013

So proud of lucas for saying it over the internet i am a huge fan of him :) 

Alright! Go Lucas! ^^ You say whatever you want to say and haters will only make you more famous! GAY POWER~ <3 All the rest of you Gay haters can go suck a dick ^^

What is interesting is the backwardness of this ritualistic enterprise of classifying oneself as gay. How limiting it must be to only understand sexuality through such rigid non thinking. Our attraction to the same-sex, be it platonic or otherwise is fixed. Presumed heterosexuals ignite the same part of the brain when seeking platonic friends as they would with a potential partner. There is so much variance that those that seek Homosexuality and Heterosexuality as some end-all classification are simply working against reality. 

Someone is first a person, needing to have some limiting label for certaion people is what Hitler did. 

Mr. Gays are fucked up...your animosity is astounding. You protest too much. It seems your closet has a glass door. 

By-the-way, Instinct is a magazine for gay men so if you homophobes are posting here that means you are gay, too. But in the event you are not, hop on your Rascal scooters and head down to Walmart, because they're having a sale on Twinkies at the moment. . .you tea baggers.

YES!!! I agree!!!

Mostly all Homophobes turn out to be gay, so the ones posting hatefull comment, yeah you're proably gay :D 

lucas was always fit

all homophobes go tell hell and shut up you are all dumb dirt is smarter then you fools and yes i am gay too have been all my lie and came out at 13

Maybe I am fucked up, but I still want to wish Lucas a good and happy life.

petofiles here we come... gays are fucked up they shouldnt be in this world there fucking gross straight all the way fuck you gays

I am gay, and I am NOT a fucking pedophile. Maybe you are, though @Gays are fucked up. It's people like you who spread hate who are the real fuck-ups. Also, you need to go ahead and accept who you are and come out of the closet because you are really acting like a self-loathing homosexual.

The spelling and grammatical errors in this post are indicative that the author is an incredible cretin.

don't  judge  other  people  just  because  they  are  gay  and  different

they are  still   people  tooooooooooooooooooo

plus  how  would  you like it  if  someone   judged  you  cause  you  were  different

do one  to  others  as you  would  want done  onto  you


You are a terrible sick person u need to realize there is npotjing wrong you are infact ignorant

You make me sick to my stomach, we are humans too. Your the one who os fucking gross, and your the fuck up. I hope you get ass raped in jail.

Seriously, are you fekkin retarded or what?  it is spelled pedophiles and 99% of the time they are straight you!

You are an idiot. Why are they fucked up? Have they done any harm towards you? No so why are you so hateful, they get on with their own lives and get nothing but shit. It is hypocritical of people especially men who say it is wrong to be gay when they watch lesbian porn. Am i wrong and disgusting for liking both men and woman for their personality's, looks and attitudes? Grow up adn get a life.

Let's set the record straight here.
A. GAYS ARE NOT PEDOPHILES! Straight men with sick thoughts are pedophiles.

B. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY. In fact, being gay is so much better than being straight because gay people understand life so much better because they've been through so much.

C. God created us to bring joy to the world. He wouldn't have created us if he didn't want us to be here. Furthermore, gays are humans too. Being able to date and marry and be out and proud are human rights, not straight privileges.

D. If gays are gross for loving the same gender and only loving from the heart, then some straight people are more gross because they date people and play them and cheat and lie and steal and use them..... at least most gays don't do that. Gays don't go through NEARLY as many relationships as most straight people do. Just saying.

Actually, many pedophiles choose the same sex for their victim, so you can't say all pedophiles are straight men.  A pedophile is disgusting whether they choose a child of the opposite sex or not.  Also, saying gay people understand life so much better because they've been through so much undercuts all people & all their life experiences...regardless if is has to do with sexual orientation or not.  That being said, there is no place in our society for homophobes.  Just be careful with your generalizations also ;)

You're an idiot

So much anger and knowledge for someone who can't spell simple words. Don't worry, you can come out of the closet. It's ok now. We won't judge. 

Now only if Joey Graceffa will come out, my life would be complete ♥

I call dibs... he's totes adorbs!!

go to hell

Why should he? He did nothing wrong


Do you ave skype or oovoo if so what is your name so I can add you ? I am gay also


I think you are just jealous because he had enough guts to come out. AND because most gay people are happier than you =D Have a very nice day.

Why so hateful? There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. In fact, I LOVE gay people! They are all so much more fun than some straight ones. I think you're just jealous because us gay people are so much more fun than you straight haters. Oh yeah, by the way, I like woman and men too, and I'm a transgender man, and you know what? I'M PROUD OF WHO I AM. Why? Simple, because I'm much better than you and other haters, who hate JUST because someone is gay. When will you realize that being gay does nothing to hurt your life? Furthermore, gays aren't the assholes here... that would be you haters for calling someone that hasn't even done anything to you an asshole. Kay thanks bye!

What is your problem with homosexuals?

How long have you been gay and what kind of guys do you like ?

Wow!  First Troye Sivan and now Lucas Cruikshank. These guys are coming out earlier and earlier. That's a good thing!  Congrats to Lucas. Lets hope this trend continues. 


You first!  ;)

Wow!  A homophobe with too much time on their hands trolling gay websites to post hateful comments. Will wonders never cease? Get a life pal...and judging from you other comments a dictionary and thesaurus as well. 

I think he is just jealous that even though he is gay, he has people who love him. Were as this person is so bitter and closed minded he has very few people in his life. I don't know him, but just a guess

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