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British Royal Marines Get Naked For Charity [NSFW]

Sorry, Kickstarter. It looks like men getting naked is the latest and greatest method to crowd source money and/or awareness. We've seen it with the "Cock in a Sock" campaign, Gay Times' latest "Naked Issue", and the hot bisexual skydriver who got naked to raise money for a hospice.

So far, all the good ol' sports who've dropped trou to raise money have been British, and ye grand tradition doesn't stop with the latest effort to have us thumbing open our wallets to fork over a few bucks.  Enter the British Royal Marines, a squad of stacked soldiers from the Royal Navy's elite amphibious force. The guys have decided that the best way to lend a helping hand to military families in need is by devoting their bodies to the cause, in the form of a "Go Commando" calendar that features the men sans camo (or any uniforms at all, for that matter). 

The description reads:

2014 celebrates RM350, the 350th birthday of the Royal Marine Corps, so we have opened up the gates to all serving Royal Marines and with the help of our brilliant photographers, have captured some amazing shots of our lads from far and wide and mainly showing the different elements of their job.

Check out a few preview pics below (with one NSFW image at the end), but head here to purchase "Go Commando."

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Love this! Thanks from Arizona, USA.

Looks like any Night at a typical London Night Club... just with flakes of fatigues... yawn!

Does a man become more/less hot depending on sexual orientation? Discrimination does work in reverse...I sure you are all aware of this.

Grannys going to have to go for a lie down!!!!!!!

STRONG & PROUD hector here from the old crazy kitchen daze of the army laddies  had lots of polaroids back the crazy 80s and the gay90s.....This black n white style trying to work that retro magic, my art dirctors eye does spy herein ! LOL ! These comments are sterling and makes my tummy tickle ! Lookit em abbs that they all do got ! 

Please come and invade Australia, start in Glebe and I will surrender, throw my arms and legs in the air.

Wow they are in top shape!  They should be very proud.

Yeah, we are craving their sweet testosterone. We all want the hot str8 guy.

They're all hot, and they prolly all str8.

I'd be willing to bet you they aren't.   If you look around on the NET and see the pictures a little closer, you will probably agree.   My gaydar went off a time or two.

Yum! They are all too good on the eye......... Don't mind if I do (in my dreams) number 1 plz

should show us more some sexy guys there

These guys are hot!

I think they need to show off more... I was disappointed by what little they are showing. Shirtless guys are seen anywhere and everywhere. 

liking all of them

I find them all technically acceptable.

I like #5 and #6 (from left to right)

I'm liking this trend.

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