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Video: John Legend Strips For Funny Or Die

We need to find a housekeeping agency to apply with and request work at John Legends' house! Turns out the sexy crooner spends most of his day at home in the buff, according to "At Home with John Legend," a hilarious new sketch from Funny or Die. Check out the possibly NSFW video below:



Wished he had shown all his gorgeous nakedness with his fine self!

John John John John John! That's way too many showers, buddy. You're not a germaphobe, are you? ;-)

He was wearing a tan-colored tanga and a black tanga for the shots.

This wasn't funny overall. There were moments tho. Actually he is beautiful naked 4 what we were able 2C. He is well endowed that I do know. A nice sized chunky piece. Great skin. I didn't laugh too much, but I watched it 2 the end. I love you John, like you love what swings between your legs ;-) Lol.

wow this wonderful I love John legend  he's a great man 

this was not too funny because hid the favite spot, other wise ok.

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