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Bill Maher Defends Cher From Revealing Wardrobe Attacks

Bill Maher defended Cher from attacks from critics over her "Dressed To Kill" tour outfits, saying:

“Stop saying 67 year-old year old Cher shouldn’t dress like this anymore. What’s she’s supposed to do, go out on tour wearing a pantsuit from Ann Taylor? You’ve got to admire anyone that can still fit into their old 70s rhinestone butt thong, whether it’s Cher or Richard Simmons. I say she still looks hot – even if that pastie doubles as an estrogen patch.” 

Minus the small zing at the end,we think he's being genuine and we agree! It's Cher, damn it!! She can wear whatever she wants!

What do you think, Instincters?


(H/T: World Of Wonder


I just saw her when she stopped in Tulsa, Oklahoma and she was amazing and hot as hell!! She is in a SMALL group of Queens that this queen would go straight for!!

Besides if you look closely at her wrist you can see that she has a body suit on so just how revealing are the costumes?

And good on Bill Maher on going on record defending her. I didn't much like the man until I read this.

Cher is amazing and so are her outfits.  I've loved her since I was a kid.  

I think people just need to "SCHNAP PUT OF IT!"

I went to see her at Indiana,Indianapolis..and She was so hot..why would anybody wanna bitch about her boobs?..those are her boobs!..and She wanna flaunt be it!..I didnt go to the concert to see her boobs..if I wanna see boobs.I would look at my own!..Have a good night!

She said once,"They're my tits, I'll put them on my back if I want to. "

Long Live Cher ! Since when Did Cher ever care about people's opinions . Icon Forever !

Long Live Cher ! Since when Did Cher ever care about people's opinions . Icon Forever !

I went to her concert in detroit. It was the best concert I have ever been to. And her costumes were fantastic. ^ I'm a gay man as well, if you don't want to see her boobs, go to a gay strip club and not the Cher concert. There were a ton of older women and younger gay men at the concert, everyone had a blast!

This woman looks amazing and Jeff is correct, this is a body suit and at her age she looks great!

She reigns as a diva and actress but is sagging elsewhere....boobs not flattering...i prefer her covered up a bit more. I am a gay man and dont want to see women's boobs in the first place. I like men's bodies. But I appreciate her.

It's amazing people are so stupid to NOT see it's a flesh colored body suit and not actual skin and getting arse-hurt over it. Plus they are probably jealous they'll never be able to rock those clothes when they are her age

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