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North Carolina Clergy File Suit Over State Law That Prevents Them From Marrying Gay Couples


Clergymen in North Carolina are angry about same-sex marriage, but this time not in the way that you might think! 

According to Raw Story, a group of clergymen filed a lawsuit in the state challenging North Carolina's Amendment One, which bans same-sex marriages and prevents them from performing same-sex weddings within their congregations! 

From Raw Story:

The clergymen, representing the United Church of Christ, as well as Lutheran, Baptist, and Unitarian congregations jointly filed a federal challenge to Amendment One – recently passed by voters – in Western District of North Carolina.

According to a plaintiff in the case, Rev. Joe Hoffman, Senior Minister of First Congregational United Church of Christ in Asheville, NC, “As senior minister, I am often asked to perform marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples in my congregation. My denomination – the United Church of Christ – authorizes me to perform these ceremonies. But Amendment One denies my religious freedom by prohibiting me from exercising this right.”

So their church allows them to perform same-sex marriages, but the law doesn't? (And the church is prepared to go to court to fight it??) Quite a twist!

You can read the full legal complaint here. 

What do you think of this turn of events and the actions by the clergymen, Instincters?


Reading the article before whining is probably a great idea. True believers understand Christ's simple message...LOVE

Woops mis read it.... The church want to state won't let them.... Woops that is good of them but still my thoughts stay the same on religion 0.o

True homophobic jerks... There is many sections in the bible condemning divorce one passage basically says the woman should be stoned to death.... But we dont do that anymore, why because we realise its evil and wrong.... Yet there 1 passage saying homosexuality is a sin but doesn't say punishment and funnily enough is in same section where it says eating shell fish is a sin, wearibg clothes of mixed.fibre is a sin, eating.pork is a sin . Yet you probably do atleast two.of those three sins and they are in the same section of old testament leveticus ... So tell me isn't that just cherry picking.picking the ones that suit you.. There has been over 1000 cases documented of animals engaging in homosexual sex.... So is it that really that unnatural? I.think.not.... Though that said I think.there should be appointed people who can qualify marriages with no association to the church..... Personally If was to get.married it would with a church.official regrudgingly, id much prefer someone from the factory of evil...... They brainwash children with a story there.not good enough with out god, the catholic Church is proven to protect child molesters from authority, religion of alsorts has given rise to.many evil acts in the "name of God" eg. The dark ages in England when church and state were one ... How many.killings if ppl being boiled alive, burn at the stake, hung.or goto other countries and slaughter the hevens eg holy.war.... It also says in old testament its fine own and beat a slave but don't kill them?????

These are true Christians!

That's the kind of love we need to see from a church!

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