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Heart It Or Hate It: Cazwell & Luciana "Guess What?"

Two of EDM's biggest gay faves have joined forces for a deliciously evil new dance floor summoner, "Guess What?" 

But are Cazwell and Luciana's teaming up enough to make this track as hot as ... as hot as a hot chili pepper

Heart it or hate it?


Heart it

SICK hawt! I love this man.

Heart it , best czwell rappin ever

the vid & song!  I  Luci!  Cazwell rocks too!  Great collab!  Heart to infinity! 

Heart it...

Heart it!! Keep up the amazing work Luciana!


Heart it!! Luciana is the baddest b#tch out there! Get it girl! :)

LOVE everything about it !

I heart it!! got it on itunes, been pumping it over and over. Gets me dancing. And i Looooove Luciana's outfits!

I  It 

Heart It.  Well it's Cazwell...What more is there to say?  He's a "greasy, grimey, two timey butt sniffing animal" and I love him!

Fuuuucking Heart it!!! I bought it 2 seconds later than its release on iTunes after watching the video. This song makes me be ready for clubbing all daaay looong!!


Heart it!!!

Heart it!!!


I have a heart on for Cazwell something fierce, and his latest video does not disappoint. Such a sexy sexy man.

There's something so dirty hot about that boy...

I heart it like crazy, can't get enough

I heart it... I actually already tried to buy it on itunes and it was not there yet.. waiting.

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