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Kentucky Print Shop Removes Anti-Gay Sign, Replaces It With Homophobic Disclaimer

Claiming the whole world was confused and wrong about the anti-gay symbol he plastered on the storefront to his print shop, Herald Embroidery owner Matthew Lombard has replaced it with a new homophobic message in an attempt to clarify his discriminatory practices.

Earlier this week we reported that a lesbian couple has alleged they were kicked out of the Oak Grove, Kentucky print shop for holding hands. Lombard confirmed to Instinct on Tuesday that he does indeed refuse to serve anyone who "flaunts their homosexuality" in his print shop. "We will not serve people that are foul-mouthed, nor will we serve people that flaunt their homosexual lifestyle in our place of business and/or request us to produce promotional products that do so," Lombard told us.

On Wednesday, Lombard insisted the public was confused about his business practices. "After some public confusion as to the meaning of one which depicted a rainbow flag, we’ve replaced them with a clarification," he said. 

Though we're not sure what's so confusing about a crossed out rainbow flag and refusing to serve a lesbian couple who were hoping to purchase anniversary print outs for one of the woman's heterosexual parents, the shop-owner thinks a "clarification" is in order. 

The new disclaimer, placed where the anti-rainbow symbol used to be found on the shop's front window, reads:

We will not serve people that are foul-mouthed, nor will we serve people that flaunt their homosexual lifestyle in our place of business and/or request us to produce promotional products that do so.

“This includes, but is not limited to content promoting homosexuality, freemasonry, the use of foul language, and imagery which promotes immodesty.”


Though we certainly hope Lombard has stopped kicking out LGBT people from his store, refusing to print LGBT-related materials is certainly not an improvement. 



Apparently ignorance is alive and well in Kentucky. I will say that not all Christians are like this douchebag. My best friend is a straight devout Christian man and we get along like brothers. We disagree as to whether homosexuality is a sin but he's very supportive and loyal. I wish more people of faith could be like that.

Yes, I understand.

I have family that are devout, and I appreciate their choices and faith because they are sincere and attempt to be both loving and productive, or forward looking, and don't spend their lives running around judging so many fundamentalists do, in any faith.

Thank you for the dialogue and have a great day.

Sincerely yours,


This is the Kentucky where Christian students regularly taunted, kicked, and beat me, Christian teachers just prayed it seemed, as they did nothing, ever. Even the whole row of school buses waited until all the guys got done kicking and punching. 

I see those people have grown up, like the grown up Christian teachers who watched and did nothing as the Christian kids regularly ganged up and beat me. I guess those business owners are doing nothing, for surely the legislator listens to the business community. At least I remember the politicians bribing the citizen's for votes. I'm guessing it works both ways since the internet has come to Kentucky.

Well, anyway... At the time, I didn't even understand the words they hurled at me, but I sure understood the pain in my body. I received no support from my Christian father, for the first and only time I told him about my ill treatment, he beat me even worse than they did.

Finally, I began to look the words up in a dictionary, and I agreed. All the things they called me, I was, and I couldn't understand why they cared about me so much to get so hysterical and beat me as Christians only can. They seem to feel the wrath of God in them, I guess, and it sure confused me for they told me how much God loved me. He can have a painful way of showing it, I learned from the fine Christian folk in Kentucky.

I see Kentucky still has those children and now they have grown up and even own businesses. I see those teachers, those fine Christian teachers are still mightily alive there, for they still say nothing about discrimination, at least not to their politicians, and they vote for even finer Christians than themselves, serving Jesus as politicians.

I sure wish I could go back to Kentucky, but I can't seem to sleep any more and I have terrible nightmares. All I see is the boots and shoes of those Christian boys that ganged up me every week, sometimes twice to show their dedication to God I suppose. In fact, I only sleep less then three hours nightly usually. They call it Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the fine Christians of Kentucky are the best at serving Jesus and passing out the pain.

Then at the end of my nightmare, I see the faces of those teachers who did nothing but walk away. I thought maybe one day I'd have a teacher that cared for me too, but I never found that in Kentucky, and I guess I couldn't there now either, for if they were there, surely the respectful of education Christian legislators have listened to their informed opinions and perspectives, but I guess there's only room for Jesus in Kentucky and he's pretty busy kicking gay and transgendered children around, as only the servants of God can do.

Ask them to make a poster that prominently features the confederate battle flag. It'd be interesting to see if they say "boo" about it.

And I have the right to work as hard as it take to have ur business shut down. 

I'm in Louisville ky. I have no problem driving down to have ur business shut down within a year or less 

Blah! Sorry to speak in this manner (Fuck Him, His Business & His Way of Life) #smh

This sign is just as offensive or even more so than the last one. 

Don't shop there. He obviously has unknowingly served the gay community in the past because they all think they can spot us out of aa crowd. Hmhmmm. Now we are more public our money is no goodm so, fuck um. Shop at another printer.

im sure its owned by some backwoods country hillbilly that married his sister in a snake charming church.

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