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Instinct Exclusive: Kentucky Print Shop Owner Defends Anti-Gay Policy

When we heard that Herald Embroidery in Oak Grove, Kentucky had a newly-minted anti-rainbow symbol on its storefront and is actually enforcing the apparent "no gays allowed" policy, we had to find out the meaning of it all from the print shop's owner, Matthew Lombard. 

First, a refresher. This review popped up on Herald Embroidery's Google business page last week, prompting our inquiry:

My wife and I went into this shop to get shirts for my parent's anniversary. We went in holding hands and the clerks gave us dirty looks the entire time. We didn't understand why; maybe they thought we were suspicious? I confronted one of the employees and they directed me to a sticker in the window. It had a pride flag on it and it basically meant gays weren't welcome. My wife and I were heartbroken; we just wanted shirts made! But we wasted a trip for nothing. Guess we'll get our shirts online next time. So sad about this treatment.

After the allegations started making their way around the Internet Monday, we asked Lombard for his side of the story. 

"We recently posted five 3" stickers on the front entrance to our shop," the print shop owner tells Instinct. "Two of these stickers are negative and prohibitive in there message. We will not serve people that are foul-mouthed, nor will we serve people that flaunt their homosexual lifestyle in our place of business and/or request us to produce promotional products that do so."

"Though I have always refused to produce materials promoting the homosexual agenda (gay wedding gifts for example)," he added, "I have never refused service to any person, even if they have previously requested such material, from ordering material which we do not find objectionable.  I have always made this policy clear to those that have made such requests."

Lombard boast that he's "never refused service to any person" in practically the same breath that he defiantly admits he refuses service to customers who are obviously gay, such as the reviewer. Maybe he just doesn't consider gays people?  




Matthew 26:52-54

The really screwed up thing about his sign is that John 3:16 (and the following verse, 3:17) pretty much negate everything that follows it on the sign.

Hyprocacy is everywhere, but rarely is it as blatant as this.. oh and stupidity...

Now all he needs to do is just ban all customers because they might annoy him or believe different from him. Sure God would agree with his views, that's why his son died on the cross. Shame on him.
I'm also confused if I'm gay and have a beard and a gun with a huge order would I be welcome? ??

I just can't believe this keeps happening... Wasn't it XXI century already???

This is obviously this mans own private store. If that's how he believes then so be it! If I owned my own business I personally wouldn't want to see pda of gays. I don't hate against them. The Bible says love everyone, but we don't have to believe in their ways. That's our right just as much as they say they have their rights. I support his business! Good job for standing up for what you believe. 

Businesses that serve the general public must serve the general public. Bigotry does not trump equality in the USA. This works in your favor too. 

It really isn't the place of government to decide who he has to serve. He's just going to lose business. The free market sorts this out, especially since boycotts can be so effective.

I'm not a fan of PDA from gays or straight people, skinny, fat, ugly or gorgeous.. He is a terrible owner, and I hope he goes out of business. his ignorance will get him in the end :)

from the original bible didnt have homosexuals in it  that was interrupted by man and the have added that word so get over it i read my bible and im gay and i read in the bible that jesus hung on the cross for everyone not once do i read he hung up on the cross for straight white biggots

I think all pda should not be allowed... Children do not need to see it whether its homosexual, sexual or heterosexual! 

As a mother and caretaker of many children I feel strongly that I must disagree with you: children need to see adults of every gender showing affection to one another. Love and affection are beautiful, healthy parts of life. Children need to see love in the world, every unique kind. 

Homosexuality is not natural and is not beautiful. Sorry. I don't like seeing PDA from anyone period and children more than anyone does not need to see it from anyone whether they are straight or not. Why would you want to teach your children to do that stuff, it's pretty much saying hey go have sex. Some people... Smh. 

You obviously dont know what natural means. That being said i dont think you know any science at all. Did you learn Biology? Keep your stupidity and ignorance out of the internet and hit the books, you might learn a thing or two about science and not bull shit. If you knew anything about bio, you would know that homosexuality is 1000000000000% natural and found all over living organisims. People like you disgust me and should only be found under rocks where no one can ever see or hear such words of ignorance and stupidity.

Learn before opening that uneducated mouth.

Narrow-minded thinking like yours is precisely what is wrong in America today. America is going to Hell in a hand basket because of bigots like this store owner who think their opinion of other people overrules common decency toward a fellow human being. i hope his store goes bankrupt.

so okay, gay people unwelcome, but bearded men armed with handguns? totally okay. 
he must love getting robbed and shot at by bearded men! 

classic example of murica, next week he's going to be putting up a no coloreds sign to show his racial prejudice. I mean really, I am honestly amazed he could spell store right let alone his own name.   

He should put an incest okay icon on his window. that way he can attract a broader audience *plays banjo*   

I do not have a problem with this.  I am gay and I will just take my business elsewhere.  Now public and government offices and establishments are another story, my taxes pay for those and they must provide services to all.


Ditto for me. Frankly, I love when I know who NOT to give my money to.

Randy, you should have a problem with it. If you don't, then you don't love yourself enough. The acceptance of LGBT cannot be optional, like women's and racial rights.  This promotes discrimation and negative treatment of minority group.  


I can see your point, however, our community is smarter than this. We are better off to help a gay small business owner in the same profession, give our business and money to them and put the bigots out of business. Smarter action will help us overcome.

I think the point is that it shouldn't be legal, not how you personally feel about it. 

I'm astounded that this store has remained open and profitable. Not due to the anti-gay position they hold, but purely from a lack of common sense and intellect. 

This is completly ridiculous lol gay wedding giving gay gifts? No way thanks good i live in mexico USA started to become ignorant (not all people) with anti gay bills bla bla bla, am i wrong if i say USA supose to be a free country?

Oh no, I thought you gave jock straps, handcuffs and hair product.

I guess they think that we give gay t-shirts at gay weddings!

What's a gay wedding gift?  Don't you give the same things to gay couples that you give to straight couples...crock pots, and can openers, etc.?

Yeah, but they're all rainbow-colored.

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