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Boy Scout Fights Back After BSA Denies Him Employment After He's Outed As Gay

Eagle Scout Garrett Bryant is fighting back after the Boy Scouts of America denied him employment at a scout summer camp after he was involuntarily outed as gay to the organization. 

From NBC News

Under Scouting policy, gay youth are welcome, but gay adults are not. As a 19-year-old college freshman, Bryant knew that his chance to work again at a Boy Scout camp this summer — and hold any other future leadership position — depended on how well he hid his status as a gay man from his friends and colleagues in Scouting.

But with one Facebook post, Bryant was out — out as a gay adult in Scouting and, according to three sources in local Scouting, out of that summer job.

He thought the post was vague enough: In a moment of exuberance last month over meeting his first boyfriend, Bryant changed his Facebook status to “in a relationship,” adding no comment or details. But the status change prompted revealing, congratulatory comments from non-Scouting friends who knew his sexual orientation, such as “Oh, good for you, man, what's his name?’”

Bryant panicked and said he deleted the comments that had been posted overnight while he slept. But he feared the damage had been done. He was Facebook friends with people in Scouting, and none of them knew he was gay.

The Scouting sources say Bryant was in line to be hired for the second summer in a row at the BSA’s Camp Geronimo, about 90 miles northeast of Phoenix. But one week after the Facebook post, Bryant said he was told by a camp leader that he wouldn’t be extended a job offer this year because of the social media posts suggesting he engaged in “homosexuality.”

“I viewed my sexuality as something I was going to keep private. It was my private life. I wasn’t going to share it with the BSA,” Bryant said, noting he did that because he loved Scouting and didn’t want to leave the program. “They made an issue of my sexuality. I was perfectly content with staying in the closet with the Scouts.”

For Bryant, who started attending the summer camp as an 11-year-old Boy Scout, being dropped has been hard. “It’s like you’re a part of a family and you’re being disowned from it,” he said.

Bryant isn't giving up. He and his mother have started a new branch of Scouts For Equality and he shows no signs of being silenced. He tells NBC:

“I was fully willing to keep my sexuality hidden from the BSA to stay involved,” Bryant said. “They wanted to make this an issue. Now, because of that, I will continue to make it an issue."

Fight on, kid. 

What do you think of the BSA's actions and Bryant's response, Instincters?


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I just love how conservatives want everyone to stay in the closet and keep it to themselves.   They'll deny gay people even exist--like it's something you "choose" to do.  Yet, even when a third party does the outing, it's enough to be gay.  So much for "choosing" to be gay if other peoples' accusations are enough to make you gay.  (not that I believe any of this of course)

If you want to cause a HUGE pain for this shit group I was in and kicked out of as well I am happy to help. A massive camp out of drag queens selling girl scout cookies can be a great start then maybe a rally of sorts with a show tune theme. And no, I am not joking as these methods are civil disobedience and will draw tons of attention to the antiquated thinking of bsa. I am sure many will be happy to help.

Any gale male this determined to be in the Boy Scouts CLEARLY has motives of his own, and that is to tap some boy booty!
Just common sense folks THINK ABOUT IT!!

And Kevdobbins35205 is just some closted old gay troll that hates himself so much he has to wander to the most gay websites on the internet to demean other human beings.

#1, that makes you scum.  #2, if you think you're doing this for God (because most of you are so motivated), you're method is ineffective.

First of all, this comment is wrong on so many levels, but to give the Boy Scouts credit where credit is due, no organization takes child protection from predictors more than the Boy Scouts. He wanted to be a camp counselor and that's all, but why am I replying, this is probably a bogus reply just to get people worked up.

You are an idiot.

While I do not agree with the BSA policy, it is their policy and as a private membership group they can hold to that standard.   Yet, it is also a reminder that individuals must be careful about what they post on social media sites.  Your life is an "open book" within these contexts.  While hiding one's sexual orientation is not psychologically healthy, at times (and as noted by this young man) it can be prudent to the objectives someone wants to accomplish. 

The excuse that they're a private organization would hold no weight if they were denying membership to someone based on race, gender, religion, handicap, age, etc.  So, it should hold no weight here either.  The Supreme Court has said being gay is not about what you do but about who you are.  We are a pen stroke from having sexual orientation added to that list, and the BSA knows it.

100% with him. Fight the good fight. This is so different to some celeb 'coming out' usually because of an ego trip.


I know you can't judge by appearances, but he looks like a great kid and the kind of person you would want for a role model. I hope he succeeds with his endeavors and since he's a college kid, I hope he finds a job so he can continue his education.

Yup... They deny employment based on sexual orientation, and deny membership on the basis of agnosticism or atheism. Not a particularly admirable set of messages to be sending to kids. Lots of parents agree, and have found better organizations for their sons to belong to.

How can we help!?

Bryant,  we are with you all the way!

It's ridiculous that adults are denied the right to be a leader over sexual preference in America. Scouting is about equal rights and opportunities for all, regardless of gender, race, age or sexuality.

The BSA still denies employment based on sexuality? Wow...

Your COURAGE should be CONGRATULATED and I sure HOPE that ALL will work out for you....  I see ABSOLUTELY NO HONEST REASON that you shouldn't be able to work and do what you LOVE....  Seek a very good Attorney PRO BONO who will take your case.

Never give up the fight, bro!!!

bsa should be boycotted.

congratulations for your courage, I admire your determination, you do change the mentalitees, Bravo mon vieux.Montreal , Canada.

I stand with you. You go Big Guy...

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