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Belgian Underwear Line Protests Russia's Anti-Gay Law With Hot Underwear Models

Well, this protest is certainly bound to get lots of attention. At least from us. 

Belgian designer Kristoff Buntinx has designed a line of underwear targeted at protesting Russia's nasty anti-gay law. The line consists of 17 designs featuring Russian symbols and debuted on the hips of pro-LGBT models who responded to the casting call. 

Writes Buntinx in a blog posted to his website announcing "To Russia With Love":

Together with leading photographer Herman Van Gestel, on Friday we held a photoshoot of young people who responded to the call that I placed on Facebook groups for models. The models therefore work on this for free because they think it is such a good idea. In particular in order to make Russian Gay Propaganda. I like the Russian look and have thus above all chosen muscular gymnast models with blond-brown hair.

The intention is to make a Russian Gay Calendar with the photos. To be available in Russian. As well as in English and Dutch. There will be a launch party for it on Saturday 28 September 2013 at The Dominican Hotel, hopefully in collaboration with the homosexual, lesbian and bisexual federation Cavaria, in Brussels, the capital of free Europe and also now the city in which I live.


It is truly a quiet revolution. Just imagine that you live in Russia where you cannot be gay, but under your clothing you are still able to wear a pair of protest shorts. Is that not a nice thought?


Why the heck wouldn't they CC it in English?!?

well done!! :-)

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