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Victor Voronov Opens Up On Estranged Husband Johnny Weir In Full 'Inside Edition' Interview

Last week we brought you a brief preview of Victor Voronov's sit-down with Inside Edition as he discussed the breakdown of his marriage to Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir and now we've got the full segment. 

Check out what Victor had to say about their tumultuous relationship on Inside Edition.

Thoughts, Instincters?


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Reminds me of my manipulating ex-husband. Lots of heavy words without an emotion on his face. 

Can't believe anyone believes a word that falls out of this lying scumbag's mouth. Yo, Instinct Mag, why don't you do some research before you publish crap like this? Voronov has a court history dating back to at least 2003 that includes physically assaulting his own mother. Queerty had his number 2 years ago. Where have you been? Read and learn. This has a bunch of court cases in the updates:

Here's Queerty's article from right after Weir married this douche:

Let's be honest, Johnny weir is more than likely a big time bitch.

I've been in my relationship for 30 years and it is never a one way thing. It takes two to make it work and it takes two to tear it apart. While both of these men are busy pointing fingers at each other they are forgetting all the other fingers pointing back to each. They abandoned their relationship and are both at fault.

Yes, he's cute, but if this interview is for real, he's rather immature. Also, we're supposed feel sorry for him because he cannot go back in the closet and have a relationship with a woman? This all sounds like a problem for the rich and famous, not real life.

I say dont worry when you get past johnny you will not be alone you are a very good looking man. there plenty of life out there keep your chin up.

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