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U.S. Rep Aaron Schock Defends His Sexy Shirtless Selfie On MSNBC

Aaron Schock found himself defending that jaw-dropping shirtless Instagram selfie he shared earlier this month when he visited MSNBC's Morning Joe. When the co-hosts chided him for the post and called it "needy," Schock admitted that he's "never been bashful about being in shape."

"Other people have to post hot pictures of you, not you, okay," co-host Mika Brzezinski said, ribbing Rep. Schock. 

Check out the back-and-forth below and let us know in the comments if you think the GOP Illinois Congressman needs to stop being so damn shirtless all the time. 


Ok he's hot..I get it. SO WHAT? He is a total homophobe! Look at his record! Distracted by pecs and ridiculous. .

Remember, the Congressman is still totally NOT gay and this photo op 100% proves that (as does his perfectly coifed hair and form fitting lavender pinstriped suit).

I know, I'm being stereotypic here, but still Rep. Schock is totally NOT gay!  Just ask his girlfriend, I think....Wait!....Where'd she go? 

They should leave him alone. Ask him about things that matter. Morning shows are truly a waste of time. They should also know...He may have posted that picture but it is not a selfie. Did they ever think he may have found the pose humerous?

Things that matter, like "why do you, a closeted gay man, continue to vote against gay rights in 2014?"  That would be a decent question.  And I do think his pics are a little much.  If he wants to be on Jersey Shore, then ok.  But, he's a congressman who doesn't act like one.  In over 200 years of this country's history, how many have been parading around half naked.................constantly?

I agree that he is not a typical Congressman but do we really need more of the old brigade? Journalists need to stop asking fluff questions and get to the point. Ask about his gay rights opinion, not why he is so full of himself. I don't think he 8 anything special in the looks department but I don't care why he posts pics. Our nation's reporters and anchor people are pretty useless when 8th comes to delivering thought provoking and challenging topics. I am less interested in the golf course greens lack 9 growth this season than I am about why we allow our veterans to live in poverty or on the street. The golf story was a big deal in Maine. I am off my soapbox...sorry.

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