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Homophobic Harlem Church Erects New Anti-Gay Sign

The ATLAH Missionary Church in Harlem, New York proved that it doesn't fully believe in its incendiary anti-gay messages when a church worker didn't have the balls to live up to his sign's mettle by stoning a lesbian to death in March. So, even though ATLAH's bark has no bite, the church has erected another divisive, anti-Christian sign attacking gays. 

The latest sign reads:

"Halerm is a sodomite free zone. Stop sodomizing our children in schools across America."

1.) Has Pastor James David Manning ever been to Harlem? Some of modern day gay culture's most persistent identifiers are of Harlem provenance.

2.) ATLAH is demanding that Christian pastors stop sodomizing children, right?

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How does this idiot continue to qualify for his tax exemption?

Why would "sodomite" be anti-gay? Heterosexuals have anal sex too.

How can this sign stay there?! In Europe it would be destroyed as a discriminating and criminal Act

"Joel" that's LOT not Abraham.

Nazi barbarian.

These people don't understand their own bible and the definition of a "sodomite."  I don't believe the story, but if you do, Abraham and God barter back and forth as Abraham tries to spare Sodom and Gomorra from destruction.  In the end, God insists he will destroy both cities because not even 10 righteous people can be found.  There's a lot of takeaways from this story, but one is certainly that whatever the reason for the judgment, it wasn't clearly articulated but it was also something even children were guilty of committing. And, it was probably not even a sexual sin.  The story only proves that gay people have been a scapegoat since the beginning of time!

Fyi on the childrens sins comment. In the old testament, children routinely paid for the sins of the parents, so I doubt they were actually guilty of commiting the sin of sodomy.


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