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'Do I Sound Gay?' Documentary Explores 'Gay Voice' Phenomenon

"Do I sound gay?"

We won't claim it's a question every gay man has asked (*every gay man has asked it--if only to themselves), but it's certainly a great jumping off point for David Thorpe's documentary Do I Sound Gay?, which explores the "gay voice" phenomenon and what it means and has meant to our community.

Take a look at the trailer, which features high profile gays like David Sedaris, Dan Savage, and George Takei, and Tim Gunn:

Do I Sound Gay, which is described as "a documentary about finding your voice," is heading into its final post-production stage and they need your help to see it through! Head over to Kickstarter for more info and to lend your support in the event that you find this project intriguing! We certainly do!


(H/T: Towleroad)


i think about this all the time - "sounding gay" seems to be like learning a foreign language - it is definitely a sound and maybe an accent that some gay men like - no judgment ? we can't butch up and fem up at will - but why does it seem like we are all from the same area when the "gay accent' is present/

So, I think I may come off sounding maybe a little rude, but I'm just being honest. Being a gay man, I sometimes ask this question, only to be told that I just sound like me. But I feel like there are many gay men that put on an affected voice. Almost to the point where It's laughable. And sometimes annoying. What the guy said at the end, the head of GLAAD, I totally disagree with him. I think its kind of ignorant to say, "you have a gay voice because you're a gay man." What does that even mean?

Why yes ... yes I do sound gay!   

I'm my profession I do feel @ times I need 2 deepen my voice so that the person I'm speaking with feels more comfortable.

The less self-conscious we feel about who we are, the more accepting and welcoming we will be to accepting our true selves. 

That's such an interesting question I think we all ask ourselves. I think I am straight acting but sometimes the "gay" is very obvious, I'm sure. 

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